Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 31

Well, we were really MAD because on Thursday we did NOT get a letter from Brad. We did get his glasses. He sent them to the POST NET store. Who knew that the missionaries could send boxes to the POST NET store for us to pick up. I thought that he had really broken them but he had mostly just had them off center. An easy fix.

But then today Friday we got a letter.


Ha Ya funny story about the glasses. It sucks without them. It's so much harder to focus. Because energy levels mentally are low. So it's double energy to focus. Thanks for the wipes though! (I sent him wipes for his glasses and when I saw how dirty his glasses were he needed them). And the NEW YEARS PRESENTS! (I sent him a package of noise makers, tiaras and New Years hats plus some Martinelli's, crackers and cheese). WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN! HA I NEED TO TAKE A PIC OF MY CLOSET ALL I HAVE is food and candy in there. It's fun!

Some days, nights I mean, sleeping is hard. But it's alright I'm still doing well. My spelling is getting bad! For example, I try to write "here" but in Spanish "i's" make the "e" sound. So sometimes I'll write "hir" and think I'm fine. Sometimes I even write "jir" cause "j" makes "h" sound. It's weird.

Ha Mike will just love it here. I'm sure.

I'm excited that Jan is almost here cause soon Feb (and Spain) will be here.

Tell Ab I wanna hear about Christmas!

Love You!


Personally I am really glad that the holidays will be over and he can focus again on work and yes he will have his glasses back on Monday. No MTC package service today. I think that it is hard in any situation to not be home or with family during the holidays and to be in the MTC must be doubly hard but I am thankful that he is making this sacrifice and that he will be able to serve the people of Spain.

Happy New Year!!

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