Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 29

ok so you totally killed my email for this week. i finially get something that i can send a little love about and you pour it down the drain.. Elder Nelson and his wife did come to hang out with us on Christmas He was there for the whole weekend saturday he came to 2 meetings and sunday morning we had priesthood with him so that was pretty nifty i guess... yes carson nifty.. and in the picture they took im pretty sure if you see the clock in the back above the stadium bleachers and take your eyes left im not in the fartherst left side but that middle to the side very top seat.... thats the best i can explain im sure if you look at the whole back row and play waldo you will find me.. ha we have talked with a bunch of missionaries from spain who are getting transfered to other places so i dont know how my hopes are going to be i hope it works out but i guess it eventually will. yeah something i didnt tell you the very first week that we got here and we were wearing our white shirts and ties i started getting rashes on my neck from all the rubbing ... im definitely used to it now but it still is weird.. p days are the best because alllllll day i just get to wear sweats and it feels pretty nice. Mom im sure it was mas chaos in the Bradley home when that machine broke.. i dont really know how you were able to keep yourself together. you are lucky you have so many people near by that will let you try to break theirs too.. maybe its a sign that all your sewing is taking up your time haha jk jk. I hope there arent any big storms coming our way ... at night it gets freezing here and then everyone needs to use the showers and then you just end up staying ice cold until the sun comes out and your locked in your classroom studying. I hope you got my glasses and can get them fixed we were messing around in our room and i took the glasses off and i was right by my bed so that they wouldnt get ruined and then they found my tickle spot... the one that makes me go insane for those of you who know what im talking about, anyways they thought that it would be a fun game to make elder bradley go insane and we ended up on my bed so that i couldnt move and the finished product was i sat on them... haha but i see how much better i can focus with them and everything so please hurry and help an Elder out! Dont worry about if your letters interest me just knowing that i got mail is satisfying enough! haha PLUS you live in the real world we are just in a community that we cant leave .. there could be trillions of things that could be said that i have no idea about. i cant print pictures on here so its better for you to send them to me so i can keep them ..
As far as learning goes we are trying to do it every day still.. starting next week we start doing everything in spanish, teaching learning etc. i dont have a whole lot of spanish down i dont think i have the first vision memorized and james 1:5 memorized and a personal experience memorized, i can understand when people talk to me in spanish for the most part. i can say a small prayer in spanish and bear a simple testimony, something that i learned last night at our devotional with elder snow of the 2nd quorum of the 70 is that we dont recieve a witness till AFTER the trial of our faith so i guess the wall that i feel i am hitting now is just a test wall that i will be able to get over at some point and it wont be as big as the one when i leave this place. I hope your christmas wasnt too lonely without me, sounds like it was some fun times and that you liked the presents you all got.. i even enjoyed the stories about how the presents were hidden, as well as thought to be hidden but werent. keep me posted. and today is a month!!! how weird?! its going by crazy fast haha but i hear that its still slow compared to when its the field. Im doing laundry and will be getting breakfast after this but keep sending love and know that i love you all! thanks for the support know that im alive and that since being here ive only gained 1 pound... AND ill come home with a 6 pack hahaha after spain. hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Bradley

Well, it certainly sounds like he is having fun.

I didn't know that Elder Nelson spent the whole weekend there. That is really cool. I am sure after many of leaders in this area spent a morning with him also that they will appreciate the special blessing that he has receive.

No I did not get your glasses yet. That would have been quite the surprise. I think that he showed there that he is building bonds that will last a lifetime.

Again, I have read over our stake theme scriptures several times since Sunday (D&C 103;9-12) and I am reminded of what many of know -- that we do have trials of our faith and when we conquer one, another can come in it's place.

I am thankful that he is in that isolated place because even if we didn't get a phone call for Christmas we are shouting Hallelujah that he is in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

Thanks Brad for your good choices.


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