Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9

Email yesterday, letter today. Life is good!

Mom and Dad,

I'm glad to know your van had some successful surgery. 700 is a whopper. But it wouldn't have felt right without having some disaster. I'm getting used to my new life. The food isn't as good as your 20 min. whip-ups. I did my own laundry today. and have been trying to whip out letters. It's rough my hand had been cramping. It's hard here but my district and Zone are fabulous and we all get along really well. I'm timed on my email's and I like letters even if they are DearElder letters. Emails are fine if that's what you can do. :)

1 week down. It's been a rough week but progressively getting better and I'm gettng used to everything because it's a lot to take in. Just know all is well. I get fed and I have a bed. So no stress. You are the best. I love you! Elder Bradley

Just a few thoughts:

A long week to him has just flown by for me. In fact I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get my tree decorated. I have it have done and still have Thanksgiving, Fallish decorations around the house.

I am thankful that food and a bed are enough for him. I know that that will be what sustains him when he isn't getting along with companions or the work is really rough. We would all be better off being happy with those simple things.

He sounds exactly how a missionary should. It will be sad and rough through the next few weeks and then he will really want to be flying to Spain. My hope for him is that it will happen sooner rather than later but I know that he was mentally prepared to have it take longer rather than shorter.

I worry though as he talks about his companion and the other elders all scheduled for Malaga -- will his spirits dampen if they start to go there before him.

He wrote an adorable letter to Abby and I can see his effort in trying to keep his relationship with her.

Oh it makes my heart sing when I know that this is a choice he made for himself. The church is true. This is a tried and true plan to sift the wheat from the tares. He is strong.

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