Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 15

Here's the latest email.

Hello Hello Hello
so this whole thing that i had prepared to start with got ruined today. i was going to start talking about how the groundhog didnt feel like there needed to be cold and annoying and winter in general but when we got up today to do our laundry it was freezing cold and snow was on the ground, in fact as im emailing it is still flurrying outside. Thanks for the advice ive been talking to other missionaries and they said its hard but to keep chuggin anyways and a lot of out talks have been on christlike attributes lately. Ryker is a bosss i miss the kid. his picture is up in my room ha. I got a letter the other day with the other 3 missionaries going to malaga and it said they havent got them yet and that our departure date is moved. FYI my departure date was 12-21 so 02-02 is still in effect. dont get too worried over there. This week has been a solid one just trying to learn more about the Gospel the hard part is that everything you learn is in english at first and then you switch over to spanish. so its like learning everything over and over and over and over and then trying to do it in a language that you cant express yourself in or even really understand what you are saying. Esta bien. I have thouroughly enjoyed the many letters and packages and little treats ive been recieving, when they say missionaries enjoy mail. its probably the one thing i look forward too everyday. It seriously is something we feed off of becaus the food doesnt get any better here. If it wasnt free i would prob be spending money in the vending machine more :)
Its hard to say whats been going on because at this point we dont remember songs, we dont remember movies, we dont remember what happened earlier like if it was something that happened in the morning or something that happened a couple days ago. the days really mesh together and its not so much that they are going by really fast but its that a lot of the things you do at the MTC are so related that its hard to remember if it was something you learned in class in Tutor in Personal study or what not. The things we have been focusing on a lot as far as doctrine goes is Christ and his life and trying to become closer to him by becoming more like him.
As far as Espanol goes..... well we have this thing we pray for everytime we pray called el Don de Lengues or gift of tongues and like Alma 26:12 for i am nothing but i will boast of my God. so its something that we are gradually working for and everyone just says that it will come. its pretty hard though like you can completely understand a concept one day and even be able to help some of the other guys out, come the next day and it is something completely different. We teach a trillion and a half times a day here. it gets easier as the more times come but its pretty hard and we are teaching in english still this week we start learning the basics of doing it in spanish and its an overwhelming thought. I commend all teachers out there because i had no idea it was this hard at all. Just trying to get your point accross so that they understand what they need to do with out you really telling them is not an easy task.
Which if you dont believe me go ahead and try it.. next time you think you have something to share where it can be an arguement situation where you are right, get your point accross where you dont have to tell them but they tell you. the hint that i will give is to only ask questions that lead in the direction you are wanting to go into.
Well my time is nearly up, but i love you all and im extremely grateful for all of your support and love. and if any of you want christmas to come faster day by day come to the mtc and it will fly by after your first couple of weeks. Keep reading scriptures and praying. the lord loves you all
Elder Bradley

It is interesting. I think that those of us who have been on a mission understand the uniqueness of a mission where you are with your companion 24/7. Even in marriage we are able to walk away and contemplate life. It has to be difficult when you are in such an immersed situation to be with a companion all the time.

I have had lots of discussion with people about the difficulties kids are having transitioning to the MTC where they don't have their cell phones or Facebook or access to technology and then they are in this extremely focused situation. It is hard for many of them.

I gave Brad the President Hinckley answer that if he is going to dwell on the negative it is only going to make things worse. That he just needed to forget about his problems and focus on the learning and the studying.

I love his understanding of good teaching by asking questions and leading them to where you want them to go. That's how Portia and I spend our lives.

Of course, what we thought before he left is that he will be in the Provo MTC. Which is okay by me. Well I know that he will remember this Christmas in the MTC.

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