Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 31

Well, we were really MAD because on Thursday we did NOT get a letter from Brad. We did get his glasses. He sent them to the POST NET store. Who knew that the missionaries could send boxes to the POST NET store for us to pick up. I thought that he had really broken them but he had mostly just had them off center. An easy fix.

But then today Friday we got a letter.


Ha Ya funny story about the glasses. It sucks without them. It's so much harder to focus. Because energy levels mentally are low. So it's double energy to focus. Thanks for the wipes though! (I sent him wipes for his glasses and when I saw how dirty his glasses were he needed them). And the NEW YEARS PRESENTS! (I sent him a package of noise makers, tiaras and New Years hats plus some Martinelli's, crackers and cheese). WE ARE GOING TO HAVE FUN! HA I NEED TO TAKE A PIC OF MY CLOSET ALL I HAVE is food and candy in there. It's fun!

Some days, nights I mean, sleeping is hard. But it's alright I'm still doing well. My spelling is getting bad! For example, I try to write "here" but in Spanish "i's" make the "e" sound. So sometimes I'll write "hir" and think I'm fine. Sometimes I even write "jir" cause "j" makes "h" sound. It's weird.

Ha Mike will just love it here. I'm sure.

I'm excited that Jan is almost here cause soon Feb (and Spain) will be here.

Tell Ab I wanna hear about Christmas!

Love You!


Personally I am really glad that the holidays will be over and he can focus again on work and yes he will have his glasses back on Monday. No MTC package service today. I think that it is hard in any situation to not be home or with family during the holidays and to be in the MTC must be doubly hard but I am thankful that he is making this sacrifice and that he will be able to serve the people of Spain.

Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 29

ok so you totally killed my email for this week. i finially get something that i can send a little love about and you pour it down the drain.. Elder Nelson and his wife did come to hang out with us on Christmas He was there for the whole weekend saturday he came to 2 meetings and sunday morning we had priesthood with him so that was pretty nifty i guess... yes carson nifty.. and in the picture they took im pretty sure if you see the clock in the back above the stadium bleachers and take your eyes left im not in the fartherst left side but that middle to the side very top seat.... thats the best i can explain im sure if you look at the whole back row and play waldo you will find me.. ha we have talked with a bunch of missionaries from spain who are getting transfered to other places so i dont know how my hopes are going to be i hope it works out but i guess it eventually will. yeah something i didnt tell you the very first week that we got here and we were wearing our white shirts and ties i started getting rashes on my neck from all the rubbing ... im definitely used to it now but it still is weird.. p days are the best because alllllll day i just get to wear sweats and it feels pretty nice. Mom im sure it was mas chaos in the Bradley home when that machine broke.. i dont really know how you were able to keep yourself together. you are lucky you have so many people near by that will let you try to break theirs too.. maybe its a sign that all your sewing is taking up your time haha jk jk. I hope there arent any big storms coming our way ... at night it gets freezing here and then everyone needs to use the showers and then you just end up staying ice cold until the sun comes out and your locked in your classroom studying. I hope you got my glasses and can get them fixed we were messing around in our room and i took the glasses off and i was right by my bed so that they wouldnt get ruined and then they found my tickle spot... the one that makes me go insane for those of you who know what im talking about, anyways they thought that it would be a fun game to make elder bradley go insane and we ended up on my bed so that i couldnt move and the finished product was i sat on them... haha but i see how much better i can focus with them and everything so please hurry and help an Elder out! Dont worry about if your letters interest me just knowing that i got mail is satisfying enough! haha PLUS you live in the real world we are just in a community that we cant leave .. there could be trillions of things that could be said that i have no idea about. i cant print pictures on here so its better for you to send them to me so i can keep them ..
As far as learning goes we are trying to do it every day still.. starting next week we start doing everything in spanish, teaching learning etc. i dont have a whole lot of spanish down i dont think i have the first vision memorized and james 1:5 memorized and a personal experience memorized, i can understand when people talk to me in spanish for the most part. i can say a small prayer in spanish and bear a simple testimony, something that i learned last night at our devotional with elder snow of the 2nd quorum of the 70 is that we dont recieve a witness till AFTER the trial of our faith so i guess the wall that i feel i am hitting now is just a test wall that i will be able to get over at some point and it wont be as big as the one when i leave this place. I hope your christmas wasnt too lonely without me, sounds like it was some fun times and that you liked the presents you all got.. i even enjoyed the stories about how the presents were hidden, as well as thought to be hidden but werent. keep me posted. and today is a month!!! how weird?! its going by crazy fast haha but i hear that its still slow compared to when its the field. Im doing laundry and will be getting breakfast after this but keep sending love and know that i love you all! thanks for the support know that im alive and that since being here ive only gained 1 pound... AND ill come home with a 6 pack hahaha after spain. hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Bradley

Well, it certainly sounds like he is having fun.

I didn't know that Elder Nelson spent the whole weekend there. That is really cool. I am sure after many of leaders in this area spent a morning with him also that they will appreciate the special blessing that he has receive.

No I did not get your glasses yet. That would have been quite the surprise. I think that he showed there that he is building bonds that will last a lifetime.

Again, I have read over our stake theme scriptures several times since Sunday (D&C 103;9-12) and I am reminded of what many of know -- that we do have trials of our faith and when we conquer one, another can come in it's place.

I am thankful that he is in that isolated place because even if we didn't get a phone call for Christmas we are shouting Hallelujah that he is in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

Thanks Brad for your good choices.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 28


Hola Familia!

Hay es Navidad! Feliz Navidad! I hope that you are all having an AMAZING Christmas. I MISS YOU ALL! Ha So thanks for all the candy. That's about what it consisted of minus the scripture bag, tie, socks and some other little tiny things here and there. IT HAS BEEN A PHENOMENAL CHRISTMAS. It's sweet how all the little things make us so happy here. So the reason I mention I got so much candy is cause you all know me and my cavities......I have enough candy to last me at least..... at least a year of my mission..ha:) I hope your all having a good holiday season. It's weird without everyone...

Oh, P.S. It was mentioned that if I need stuff to mention it. I could use some glasses cleaner cause I've never used any and I need it. Also a glasses rag to wipe off my glasses. Um there was some other stuff... Oh yes, send a memory card for my camera that way when I need to send my one that I have to you I can still take pictures.

Other than that I'M SOLID. Every day feels like Sunday. Always dressing up and what not. It's weird but that's ok. Life goes on. So I've felt bad I haven't been writing better letters. There is nothing here really just class and food and seeing people I know everyone in a little while.

It's pretty much always the same thing. So I'm not exciting. At least not right now. Next Christmas I'll find sweet Spain items to send. Don't forget me. Keep laughing. Love you all.

Elder Bradley

... I guess instead of phone call we get an extra letter this week.

I think the biggest frustration at the MTC is the blending of each day....

I guess being there for almost a month now has made this be the such a great experience but mundane too.

I was reading on the Spain Malaga Mission blog that they are waiting for 14 missionaries to get their visas. I hope that Brad is able to get his in a timely manner. I guess he may be challenged by the visa waiting also.

Well, tomorrow is email day. Yippee.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 26

Well, it was a quite and kind of sad Christmas without Brad here. I think the hardest thing was knowing that all my friends had gotten to talk to their missionary sons and daughters but we didn't. We will just have to wait until he flies to Spain to hear from him. Our friend Robert Jaramillo shared this link with us that gave us a glimpse of what his Christmas day was like.

I was listening to conference talks this morning and it was amazing how much advice their was for missionaries and parents of missionaries. I think that it is like reading the Book of Mormon at different times of your life and the meaning is different or the focus is different.

I thought that Elder Richard C. Edgley talk intitled "Faith -- the Choice is Yours gave a great accounting for each of us of what we must do to show faith, have faith and gain faith

I think that it is important to remember, like we were reminded in Sacrament Meeting that we all have tribulations and trials and that after those trials we are able to have the reward.

I can see that my confident, sometimes cocky young man is being tried and tested to see if he will endure.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 23

Feliz Navidad!

Como estan ustedes? Muchas gracias por los dones. Espanol es muy dificil pero espanol es much devertido. I hope Santa was able to accomodate everyone. LET ME KNOW what he gets you guys! I'm still at 215 lbs. So don't get too excited. I still have 6 weeks left to gain what I can. I'm gonna gain some after this week. Everyone is getting deliciousness and handing it out. Don't worry I'll lose it in Spain!

As far as teaching goes. That's probably the most frustrating thing. But I learned ....or heard a really sweet quote. It will get done the Lords way or not at all. So remember that.

Send some pictures! I love you all!


Elder B

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 22

HAHAHA thats funny, carson and her camaras are like carson and her broken bones.. just never kept in check. HA thats funny, oh and side note. i think abby sends me mail like things happened and i was there and she was just reminding me. like her post card didnt make sense and some letters dont make sense. something about being in the room and the window falling and then she thought it was the neighbors.. haha its ok though all is well. Ryker is a punk such a gangsta his handprint looks like he as 3 fingers.. hahaha. Yes i got the christmas bread it was delicious and my room hoarded it. so tell jack attack we thank her for her deliciousness. None of us are quite liking the food so we found some friends from high school and gave them some money and they bought us costa!!! it was better than we could have loved because it was REAL FOOD!!! haha anyways abby is going to turn into me with the "what are we going to do today" question. Anyways today is p day obviously and i dont get to snatch the newbies because of p day, esta bien, we usually get to go to the temple but its closed for a couple weeks so thats no bueno, so letters today and studying cause thats all that it ever consists of studying studyin studying.
We dont get a christmas break we have a firesdide for 2 hours one christmas eve and then christmas morning we have breakfast and then talent show stuff and then our dinner (at lunch) and then a 2 hour devotional (we think its going to be an apostle) and then sacuk lunch(at dinner) and then i dont really know so its not class but its still devotional and what not. We havent recieved any new districts in out zone but our zone keeps getting smaller every week. im pretty sure no new missionaries come this week or next week but i could be wrong.
As for other news spanish is coming very very slow. im pretty sure the week after next we starrt teaching the first lesson in spanish so thats kind of intimidating to think about right now, i gave one in spanish already and it was super hard. The thing with spanish is i think in english still so trying to express myself is hard cause i dont know the words yet. Also the district loves that whenever they need a scripture i usually know where to find it, which is kinda cool cause before i never really know where they were just general ideas. We also have had a lot of talks on obedience and agency lately. Just get your minds thinking.. jk of course im doing my best its just that we can all do better.
ok so this will probably be my last little bit but i think ive figured some things out lately, remember how i could get anyone to do almost anything for me?? haha and you guys all wished that i had a companion like that on my mission? well im pretty sure its been found already it took me a couple weeks to figure out but its come to my knowledge so things are getting better but everyone in our district and zone are helping. It doesnt help when people dont want to be in the MTC at all sometimes the attitudes rub off. anyways i just wanted to say start wishing that when i get to Spain ill have a trainer that likes to work hard !! please!! haha you guys are awesome i love you all!! dont forget letters i get so excited to recieve them!!! Enjoy your christmas this year i am pretty sure it will be a "normal christmas" seeing as you will actually get through the night before opening presents not 3 am or midnight!! mi testimonio es que la iglesia es verdadero, jose smith es un prefeta y Dios restauro la iglesia y sacerdocio a traves do jose smith, Dios es un ser amaroso. jose smith vio Dios. Yo se que Thomas s. Monson es un prefeta in las ultimos dias. Yo se que Jesucristo us nuestro hermano mayor y expio por nuestros pecados. I love you all! be safe keep in touch!

Now for a few thoughts:

It sounds like he learning a lot and that he is the same in some ways. How he got someone to go and get him Costa I will never figure out. We are anticipating that we will not be up as early as usual on Christmas as he was the one waking us up early.

I have a hard time posting his letters and not fixing the punctuation but that must be a teacher thing.

We are having fun thinking about him enjoying the spiritual side of the MTC this holiday season.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16

Wow. Three days in a row that we get letters. I even got a shout out from our friend Allie (who works at the MTC cafeteria) on Facebook.

Here's his letter:

I get your dear elders and they are great! You can put more than a paragraph on there ha! or more peoples letters in there, its all part of the virgin family stuff, ha, ha. I'm super glad that you are feeling better that makes me feel good. Sunday I had an insane experience. So we have devotionals or firesides every Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesdays are for General Authorities and Sundays are just whatever. So the BYU Men's Choir came on Sunday, the 12 of December. I loved the music. Some of it was weird but I guess that's life. Anyways, their last song was the best. Before I tell you, let me rewind. Earlier we had a district meeting about Christ's life and got some good insight. (If you need a good scripture session, look at John 15:16-20). We had good discussions so that is really cool about sacrament meeting. Must be inspiration. So we listened to the last song and they showed a video of Christ's life with it. At the end, I had tears in my eyes but I kept it together for the prayer. The spirit was so strong, and at Amen, I was a lost cause. It was hard I couldn't control myself. But a bunch of the Elders were there for me.

Spanish is insanely hard. To say the least. We have learned a lot but I'm still like nowhere. Your keep the faith is so hard when I feel like I'm not progressing that much. I'm pumped for the candy and good advise about the presents. It'll be hard when all you want to do is open, open, open wondering what's going on in the outside world. My stuff is good I can only write once a week so no stress....yet.

I couldn't stop laughing about Abster playing the xylophone backwards. That is so cool!

So ya...It seemed a lot longer than 2 weeks which is super crazy! Ha, ya ....It's hard judging if I'm gonna make it to P-day with clean clothes. So for so good but between socks and garments ... and my insane sweating ability you never know.

His name is Trevor and I know Carson never shuts up about him. :) !!!

I'm glad you were thinking about me. Are you guys on Christmas break? That is weird to think about , I hope everyone likes my presents!

Mommy just know that I love you. You are the best. Thanks for keeping me in check. Especially for so much of my life. Ha I just remembered, so you know my famous question? "What are you we going to do today?" Well my companion never has input, just basic answers, kinda like yours. i dunno what do you want to do? ha well it's hard having companion study when the other half doesnt give their input. so i try hard but its not really happening. I'm not the most organized note taker but i am taking my fair share of notes.

Just know that this really is the hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life. I respect more and more each day that you do so well at it. I can't believe how hard it is. Plus, it's hard in English. We haven't started teaching in spanish yet. Well in my prayers (which are mostly in spanish) I ask for this thing we call, "Don de lenguas." AKA "Gift of tongues."

It's something im trying to gain a testimony about.. kinda like tithing! :)

I Love you mom

Elder B!

Now here is the letters he sent to the rest of the family.

Dad, How was your trip? Heard it was pretty stressfull. But life goes on. How's the move coming?

You need to write more. Just saying. If i get them before Wed. We are good of not you have to wait longer.

I heard you performance was GREAT! Sorry I missed it! You are doing great! Keep me posted ok??

You all are awesome.
Elder B!

Okay this is Carson, if you saw Trevor you wouldn't stop talking about him either! Very attractive man!

Okay-- So I think that it is interesting how Heavenly Father makes us struggle at times. This is a boy that slid through school and now he has to struggle with the language. I think he thought because he could have a friendly conversation with some of his friends parents that he was a language speaker and of course it is a lot more than that. I don't even have the heart to tell him that he will feel just as frustrated as he goes to Spain and can't understand anyone.

At our house we know that Brad loves his mother. Everybody felt a little left out but I am sure we all are enjoying his letters.

I love that we all can feel the spirit of his testimony.

We love you all!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 15

Here's the latest email.

Hello Hello Hello
so this whole thing that i had prepared to start with got ruined today. i was going to start talking about how the groundhog didnt feel like there needed to be cold and annoying and winter in general but when we got up today to do our laundry it was freezing cold and snow was on the ground, in fact as im emailing it is still flurrying outside. Thanks for the advice ive been talking to other missionaries and they said its hard but to keep chuggin anyways and a lot of out talks have been on christlike attributes lately. Ryker is a bosss i miss the kid. his picture is up in my room ha. I got a letter the other day with the other 3 missionaries going to malaga and it said they havent got them yet and that our departure date is moved. FYI my departure date was 12-21 so 02-02 is still in effect. dont get too worried over there. This week has been a solid one just trying to learn more about the Gospel the hard part is that everything you learn is in english at first and then you switch over to spanish. so its like learning everything over and over and over and over and then trying to do it in a language that you cant express yourself in or even really understand what you are saying. Esta bien. I have thouroughly enjoyed the many letters and packages and little treats ive been recieving, when they say missionaries enjoy mail. its probably the one thing i look forward too everyday. It seriously is something we feed off of becaus the food doesnt get any better here. If it wasnt free i would prob be spending money in the vending machine more :)
Its hard to say whats been going on because at this point we dont remember songs, we dont remember movies, we dont remember what happened earlier like if it was something that happened in the morning or something that happened a couple days ago. the days really mesh together and its not so much that they are going by really fast but its that a lot of the things you do at the MTC are so related that its hard to remember if it was something you learned in class in Tutor in Personal study or what not. The things we have been focusing on a lot as far as doctrine goes is Christ and his life and trying to become closer to him by becoming more like him.
As far as Espanol goes..... well we have this thing we pray for everytime we pray called el Don de Lengues or gift of tongues and like Alma 26:12 for i am nothing but i will boast of my God. so its something that we are gradually working for and everyone just says that it will come. its pretty hard though like you can completely understand a concept one day and even be able to help some of the other guys out, come the next day and it is something completely different. We teach a trillion and a half times a day here. it gets easier as the more times come but its pretty hard and we are teaching in english still this week we start learning the basics of doing it in spanish and its an overwhelming thought. I commend all teachers out there because i had no idea it was this hard at all. Just trying to get your point accross so that they understand what they need to do with out you really telling them is not an easy task.
Which if you dont believe me go ahead and try it.. next time you think you have something to share where it can be an arguement situation where you are right, get your point accross where you dont have to tell them but they tell you. the hint that i will give is to only ask questions that lead in the direction you are wanting to go into.
Well my time is nearly up, but i love you all and im extremely grateful for all of your support and love. and if any of you want christmas to come faster day by day come to the mtc and it will fly by after your first couple of weeks. Keep reading scriptures and praying. the lord loves you all
Elder Bradley

It is interesting. I think that those of us who have been on a mission understand the uniqueness of a mission where you are with your companion 24/7. Even in marriage we are able to walk away and contemplate life. It has to be difficult when you are in such an immersed situation to be with a companion all the time.

I have had lots of discussion with people about the difficulties kids are having transitioning to the MTC where they don't have their cell phones or Facebook or access to technology and then they are in this extremely focused situation. It is hard for many of them.

I gave Brad the President Hinckley answer that if he is going to dwell on the negative it is only going to make things worse. That he just needed to forget about his problems and focus on the learning and the studying.

I love his understanding of good teaching by asking questions and leading them to where you want them to go. That's how Portia and I spend our lives.

Of course, what we thought before he left is that he will be in the Provo MTC. Which is okay by me. Well I know that he will remember this Christmas in the MTC.

REMEMBER Packages must be mailed before the 22nd.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14

Well, it has been almost two weeks and I think the honeymoon period is over.

Here's a short note that I received today. He sent his original patriarchal blessing home.


I made a copy pf these (his patriarchal blessing). So I need to send them back. Don't worry. Just keep them safe. and know that I am using a page for you out of my new Spanish words booklet. (The note was on a small piece of notebook paper) I'm getting frustrated a little with my companion. No stress only 7 days. I mean weeks left til it's over ha. I'll be fine. I'll write on Wed. But ya. Hasta.

Love you!!

Elder B.

Human nature is that bliss one week will be frustration the next but I know that he will continue to work out those kinks and bugs of 24 hour relationships. You know we can all just walk away if people are annoying us but there isn't far to go when you are a mission. Good luck Brad.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12

As I was having my quiet Sunday morning today, I was listening to Christmas music and thinking about my boy. It is probably the first day that I have missed Brad. He loves the holiday and apparently he is the one in the last few years that has helped me decorate because the two girls still here have NO interest in helping me.

He was the one that would keep everyone awake on Christmas eve and wake everyone up on Christmas morning. It seems that he is the catalyst that brought excitement into our home. We are really boring. Carson was saying the other day how she misses seeing Courtney and Jake -- Brad's really good friends. I miss them, too. Of course isn't that what life is about... we move on and make new friends. Brad has already started that. He is making friends for this life and beyond.

I think about the holiday... we doorbell ditched someone last night and I think we did it because of Brad. I often have good intentions that never come to pass but this year I was prompted and I did it. I hope it impacts their life as much as it impacted ours. We helped a priest in our ward and I hope he is excited about it.

I've decided to slow down a little and appreciate what Brad is doing and that he is learning more about his Saviour this holiday and that he will be blessed as we have been. Merry Christmas to all our friends.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9

Email yesterday, letter today. Life is good!

Mom and Dad,

I'm glad to know your van had some successful surgery. 700 is a whopper. But it wouldn't have felt right without having some disaster. I'm getting used to my new life. The food isn't as good as your 20 min. whip-ups. I did my own laundry today. and have been trying to whip out letters. It's rough my hand had been cramping. It's hard here but my district and Zone are fabulous and we all get along really well. I'm timed on my email's and I like letters even if they are DearElder letters. Emails are fine if that's what you can do. :)

1 week down. It's been a rough week but progressively getting better and I'm gettng used to everything because it's a lot to take in. Just know all is well. I get fed and I have a bed. So no stress. You are the best. I love you! Elder Bradley

Just a few thoughts:

A long week to him has just flown by for me. In fact I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get my tree decorated. I have it have done and still have Thanksgiving, Fallish decorations around the house.

I am thankful that food and a bed are enough for him. I know that that will be what sustains him when he isn't getting along with companions or the work is really rough. We would all be better off being happy with those simple things.

He sounds exactly how a missionary should. It will be sad and rough through the next few weeks and then he will really want to be flying to Spain. My hope for him is that it will happen sooner rather than later but I know that he was mentally prepared to have it take longer rather than shorter.

I worry though as he talks about his companion and the other elders all scheduled for Malaga -- will his spirits dampen if they start to go there before him.

He wrote an adorable letter to Abby and I can see his effort in trying to keep his relationship with her.

Oh it makes my heart sing when I know that this is a choice he made for himself. The church is true. This is a tried and true plan to sift the wheat from the tares. He is strong.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8

Email from Brad this morning. Note: the instructions that packages need to be at the MTC before Dec 22nd.

Here it is. I am at work so will comment later.

So as far as E-mails go i only get 30 min on p-day to go into emails and i can only email family. haha I love our van i think our next investment for a car should be a van cause they are the most problem causing cars in the Bradley household. Everything here is needing to get used to the schedule, the food, the classes all day, the spanish, the Zone, just to name a few. My companion is Elder Hales he is good to me so dont stress about that. He is a way nice guy from Salt lake and he goes to Malaga as well. In fact my whole room (my companionship and another companionship) are all going to Malaga so that is pretty exciting. SEND MORE LETTERS!! ha in our district the letters are flowing through dear elder. and i can only email once a week so i guess family if you want to email me you can but i wont get it til wednesday but i can read your letters til wednesday and that is really nice after all these rough days. We have 2 teachers Hermano Wells and Hermano Snyder and apparently they are really liked around here. Our whole district likes them and they are really excellent at helping us when we need help with what we are learning. Spanish is going pretty well.... its exctremely hard but i say all my prayers in spanish, sometimes spanglish, and i can say a simply testimony in spanish. I enjoy being able to do that and everything, its crazy that it has been a week already
sorry my computer is having some struggles but its weird that its come this far already it went by EXTREMELY slow at first but the days are starting to mold together and now that i actually know how to study and use my time in a more effective manner i feel like sometimes there isnt enough time When the other Elders left we sang Para Siempre Dios esta Con Vos or something like that its not exactly the same but we sing it and Elder phillips who is in my district said that it kinda sounded like a song that is sung in a pub it was so unique and fun to just bellow it out with the other missionaries oh yeah it means God be with you til we meet again so ya just to give you some ideas We are supposed to tell you that all packages are not going to be accepted for christmas after the 22nd just fyi and then it opens sometime after that i dont know its hard to keep track of everything. Well today obviously is my first p day and im doing laundry for my first time oh which reminds me i barely hve enough black socks to last me a week and i thought i had a pair of socks but it was one sock folded into itself haha so if any of you are looking to send a christmas present ill write a letter to santa today and ask him for some gold toe socks. Ha im still excited to hear how you all like your Christmas presents. its going to be an adventure. So next week ill try to have my thoughts more established ive recieved letters and ill write ones home to you dont be mad if they are a little short i have lots to say to all of you but i dont know how much time i get to write so they might be smaller but they will come in time. Im looking forward to see the blog after i get home ha thats exciting it sounds so official but not as official as the little old lady putting on my name tag!! that was pretty intense and i can barely say what it says on it. out loud at least i can say all of it in my head haha super helpful i know. You are all amazing Im thankful that we all have been able to have awesome experiences together and that although all of this is hard that it is worth it and i cant do it without your help and support and that we can all lean on the Lord for help and strength. Dont forget who you are and That i love you all. i keepyou in my prayers La Iglesia es verdadera, Jose Smit es un profeta Jesucristo es nuestro hermano y el salvador. el Padre Celestial es ser amoroso en el Nombre de Jesucristo Amen

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6

We got a letter today.

Here is what he says:
Dated: Dec. 2, 2010

Hola familia de Bradley!

As you can see my Spanish is going extremely well....not. We have to try and learn 20 new words a day and once we learn a word we can only use it in Spanish. We keep forgetting. Thanks to you all I am the first in my district to get a package and I'm extremely glad you guys made it home without blowing up. So back to language, we learned how to pray today and its been a struggle but it helps. There are 8 Elders in my district. They are all great. NO ONE is dislikeable (in any way!!!) (THANK GOODNESS) My companion was a couple of hours late. I was a little worried at first but for now He is our District Leader and I'm Senior Companion. So it all equals out. We just met our Branch Pres. He is nice, he is letting us write tonight. But there is TONZ I'm still getting use to it all. We got secret Elders today, they gave our room a Milky Way Bar. Oh and mi companero se llama Elder Hales. He is the brother I've never had (Mom & Dad) No he is way awesome. and we don't have problems so far waking up or anything. Anyways its not much but thanks for everything! You are all awesome. The church is true!

Elder Bradley

Love you All!!!

Okay, so my few thoughts were that an expensive package of chips and salsa was a winner.

He must really be an elder because he used awesome more than once.

He sounds happy and well.

I wonder if his companion is related to my friends the Hales family formerly of Vestal, NY. Could be!! I'll have to investigate that one.

It was a good spot in a crazy day and sooooo I ambitiously started to put up my tree. Finally!!!!

It is still a weird feeling that he is across town and we are waiting, waiting, waiting for a letter.

Yes Portia, he used his stationary. Side story: Portia asked him if he wanted her to get some stationary for him and he couldn't figure out why she was asking him if she should buy a "stationary" bike. Times they are a changing.

Happy day at our house. We love you all!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5

Well, we still haven't heard from Brad. That is one of the hardest parts -- just not being able to contact each other as wanted. We did hear that he is there. Our friend Ali P. works at the MTC in the cafeteria and her mom reports that Brad waved hi to her and then after he ate he went back up and told her that he and his companion are worn out by the schedule.

I think that for all of us that have been to the MTC -- we can remember how true that is. They do not have any down time really but we are thankful for the growth and experiences he is having. I am imagining that by Weds. or Thurs. we should have heard something from him. We have been sending him silly, funny things. Chips and Salsa through Thank you, Mr. Mac. Abby-- wrote him a three sentence letter. We sent him Rolo's and Pirouette cookies along with his shaver charger. Just funny little things to remind him that we are here.

It is just so weird to not talk to him..... Abby sends out a mass text nearly everyday reminding us all that we miss him. I don't know if that filling will go away.... Letter this week-- Yes, Yes, Yes

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1

Brad has asked me to start a blog for his mission. I thought it might be a fun way to get both perspectives. So I will be posting his letters and emails as well as writing some of my thoughts as a mom of a missionary. So here goes....

Today we took Brad to the Mission Training Center. It is an interesting thought that here he is on the edge of an adventure in the place that he has spent his whole life.

I wish I could say that we had a picture perfect send off. It was anything but... We ran a few errands this morning getting some of those last minute..uh mom I think I need things.

Then we went with the family to Magelby Fresh to have their yummy french toast. We than came home to pack those last minute things.

Brad was ready to just go and it seemed like the clock just would not move. So we took some pictures and finally it was time to go.

We all piled into my Minivan---Dad, Mom, Brad, Carson, Portia, Abby and Kelsey.

We drove out of our familiar streets and went across town to the MTC. When we were about three blocks away my car start smoking. Rich opened the window and decided it was radiator fluid.

The closer we got the worse it got. We pulled into the MTC and was greeted by an adorable host. He was trying to make conversation with us and we were all stressing about the smoke coming from the engine of my car. He directed us to the curb where we were to drop off our 19 year old and send him out into the world for 2 years. I thought I was fine until I hugged by little boy. Then the crying started and Portia was crying and Carson was crying. We were stressing about our car and getting him off for this life experience. So many concerns..... will he be okay, will he get along with his companion, will he struggle with the language, will we be able to pay for his expenses, how will we live without seeing him for two years???????? So many questions and no answers at this point.

Oh and the car.... a giant hole in the radiator. Well.... here come the blessings.