Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 26

Well, it was a quite and kind of sad Christmas without Brad here. I think the hardest thing was knowing that all my friends had gotten to talk to their missionary sons and daughters but we didn't. We will just have to wait until he flies to Spain to hear from him. Our friend Robert Jaramillo shared this link with us that gave us a glimpse of what his Christmas day was like.

I was listening to conference talks this morning and it was amazing how much advice their was for missionaries and parents of missionaries. I think that it is like reading the Book of Mormon at different times of your life and the meaning is different or the focus is different.

I thought that Elder Richard C. Edgley talk intitled "Faith -- the Choice is Yours gave a great accounting for each of us of what we must do to show faith, have faith and gain faith

I think that it is important to remember, like we were reminded in Sacrament Meeting that we all have tribulations and trials and that after those trials we are able to have the reward.

I can see that my confident, sometimes cocky young man is being tried and tested to see if he will endure.

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