Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5

Well, we still haven't heard from Brad. That is one of the hardest parts -- just not being able to contact each other as wanted. We did hear that he is there. Our friend Ali P. works at the MTC in the cafeteria and her mom reports that Brad waved hi to her and then after he ate he went back up and told her that he and his companion are worn out by the schedule.

I think that for all of us that have been to the MTC -- we can remember how true that is. They do not have any down time really but we are thankful for the growth and experiences he is having. I am imagining that by Weds. or Thurs. we should have heard something from him. We have been sending him silly, funny things. Chips and Salsa through Thank you, Mr. Mac. Abby-- wrote him a three sentence letter. We sent him Rolo's and Pirouette cookies along with his shaver charger. Just funny little things to remind him that we are here.

It is just so weird to not talk to him..... Abby sends out a mass text nearly everyday reminding us all that we miss him. I don't know if that filling will go away.... Letter this week-- Yes, Yes, Yes

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