Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 240

Here is the latest from Brad!! The Jake mentioned in the email is his friend, Jake Snelton from Orem.


well this week was good we met a black guy from boston haha he was the first guy we saw and he was like are you guys american? and i was like yeah and he was like what part? and i was like im from utah he is from washington and then he was like im from boston. and i tried to get more out of him so we talked. and then i was like can we get your direction and he was like yeah so he gave it to us and then he was like if you guys ever need a drink.... of water or anything yeah you got a house there!! man I LOVE AMERICA hahahaha oh man ... it was so funny so we passed by again on sunday and saw him sitting on a bench and we gave him a book of mormon and taught him about it and he was like wait you are from utah right? and i was like yeah he was like i used to like your team down there and we started talking jazz. and we were talking about karl malone john stockton jeff hornaseck and all of that ... elder rencher had NO idea what we were talking about haha elder rencher isnt big on sports he doesnt really know ANYTHING about anything so yeah it was funny and then elder rencher and i last night were talking about the superbowl and the only one he knew was seattle and pittburg when pittsburg killed them haha and he was surprised i knew.. it was so funny. he thinks its a waste of time.
anyways this week was a good week. my foot is getting better kind of haha i mean i guess im just getting used to how it hurts cause it hurts but still... i dont know and i have hamstrings that are bad haha i dont know... its all these trials its just so amazing i love them and the reason i do... i am going to give you guys some homework . Elder Paul V Johnson more than conquerors through him that loved us. MY FAVORITE TALK.. read it. spare time if you are busy. JAKE GOT HIS MISSION CALL TO ARGENTINA!!!!! he sent me an email that was pretty exciting news. haha but other than that things are still going here nothing much to report this week .. i am excited for the camera and all of that jazz thanks so much for everything you do! love you!!!!! let me know if there is anything i can do to help!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 233

Here is his email for the week! Always excitement wherever he goes!

Thank you for your emails!!
haha you guys are so funny and mom... why are you trying to ruin my tom sawyerness.. i just read the blog. haha super funny and yes so true. but they dont need to know that haha. umm things are good here. so i have had another "trial" now dont get worked up.. i have nothing more to lose haha i didnt come with much our here. buttt. i had to call the mission nurse. i was walking down the street and i just wasnt able to walk anymore. we dont know what happened but we sat down on the bench and gave the mission nurse a call up and he was like what??? haha he didnt know what happened. so he gave me some stuff to do for my foot. ibuprofin and ice yada yada. well.. he said its he thinks its an enflamed tendon or something in my foot. i am good now we just had to do a lot of wobbling down the streets this week. haha it has been a funny week. something as well that we started doing were tender mercies journals and we right down all the good things that happened in the week which has been a blessing. its starting to help me be just more positive in all the days. even if it feels like the worst day ever. haha its been a blessing thats for sure. always looking at the little good things and not the bad things at all.
alright we are going to pause the story. we are right now in the youth center here at valdepeƱas and we dont konw what happened but elder rencher just lost his camera. ......... uhhhh i am sick of this place right now, they are calling the police right now. haha its such a hassle. the lady saw that he had it in his hands and so they are calling the police and they are probably going to come and then its going to be a mess with everyone. haha oh the stories of the mission.
oh man. anyways. things are just a trial right now. for dads questions. its just a branch there are only like 10 people that come to church and its vacation times so thats how many are at chuch counting us. the president works crazy hours so its hard to do anything . the elders quorum consists of just us as the missionaries and like one or 2 others. all the active members that we have live in a pueblo that is 30 min away by bus. so its hard to get them to come and do anything with us. its not that we cant and they dont want to its just the way the circumstances are. and we cant do any stake activities because thats an hour and a half away and people here dont have cars. so its just a lot of thngs going backwards and stuff.
ok update. the police arent really doing anything . they just showed up and they are just kind of acting like .. well your out of luck. but they are searching people now. so i dont know .... this is one of the things i dont like about spain right now. but i love it sometimes. just dumb people.
ok well i dont have a whole lot of time. just know that i am doing well and that things are going. oh and we think elder rencher is leaving this transfer because he has been here for like 5 and a half months its about just his time. oh man ... ok well the way this week is starting it might be really interesting haha everyone is yelling now.. i love it!! alright. have a great week!!!

Email #2

ok well i dont konw what to do as far as pictures go.
i can look for a camara here or whatever, i just dont know how much money i have on my personal card
ummmm let me know? ha or whatever you have in mind so that i can do it and get it done. ok i love you!
keep being the best mom!

Alright already. I will send you a camera -- Are you impatient or what?

Email #3

they just found the camera in the bathroom and they are yelling at the 2 kids haha YES I LOVE THE POLICE when they get mad at the kids areound here but its found haha no worries. life is better now! hhaha ok for reals now love you!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 226

Funny Story -- I was talking to someone this week and I said that Brad was having a struggle in the area that is in because he probably isn't able to just smile and get people to do things the way he could here at home. From this letter apparently I am wrong again. But I am glad that he is using his skills to get the job done. And by the way-- he has NEVER read "Tom Sawyer" as many times as I have tried to get him too. So that is just a hilarious reference. Happy Days!

hola todos.
i hope your holidays are awesome. here. they have holidays it seems other week. and its summer vacations so every thing is REALLY SLOW!. haha umm we are doing good we had presidente and hermana clegg this last week as you coul see on the blog. we had to teach them and we had our interviews. afterwards we talked and elder rencher and i are thinking that he will be leaving on august 10th. but we will see. there is no absolute there of course but this is his 4th transfer here so we will see how that goes. umm this week was another hard one. not many people could visit with us so it was a great big week of looking for people and trying to get the little members we have excited to help us. haha. umm we are still doing everything we can. i think. i mean it might be something little that we arent doing haha but yesterday it was funny elder Hatch our district leader i was giving him our numbers and we were talking about whats going on in our area and he was just like "This is a great learning opportunity i mean you will be looking back on this area when you have 3 kids and your wife is sick and you have financial problems and be like man ValdepeƱas was worse i can get through this" i know as a leader he is inspired over us as missionaries but i really dont want him prophesying things like that hahahaha it was obviously done in a little bit of a joking matter. anyways you are all awesome keep living the life. enjoy it all keep reading your scriptures and praying and all of the stuff you need to. life in spain is going. its kind of actually going really fast ohhh... and quick side note the guy lastweek that smiled for 7 minutes striaght HE SAID HIS OWN PRAYER!!! haha i dont know how iwas able to get him to do that but i did. it was amazing!!
oh and the compliment of the week. Elder rencher told me that i remind him of tom sawyer. haha which. i take as I AM VERY SMART!!! haha he says he is baffled at how i get people to do things for me and everything like that haha. i think its an art. haha but a secret for those out there who look to me as an example. if you make it SOUND better than it is people will think its more FUN than it us and its all a mental game out here. for example dont call it contacting. call it go out and make a new friend or meet people. dont call it planning call it getting ready for tomorrow .. dont call it praying call it having a conversation with someone who cares. dont call it bring a friend to the capilla call it be an angel and help give miracles in other peoples lives .. dont call it painting a fence call it THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!! and then share it! haha :) love you!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 219

I'm not sure what he is thinking but I am not mad. He just needs to learn these life lessons and I am sooo thankful that he is learning them. He is a great kid-- always has been and this will just make him better.


buenos dias
espero que el dia este bien. y que esteis disfrutando las fiestas! haha life is going over here. there are miracles happening left and right. not the miracles we exactly want but who will say no to a miracle. yes i am sure you have heard mom say "oh my gosh im going to kill him" or mumble under her breath "what is he thinking" but yes i can admit i was the biggest idiot and lost my camera with all my pictures that i have taken so far. but life goes on. we cant dwell on the past. SOOOO....
lets talk miracles
1. emelio is a man who hates life doesnt like it pretty much doesnt wanna be here anymore. he... SMILED for 7 minutes straight. the reason i think he stopped was cause his cheeks hurt a little bit. haha it was SO AMAZING. he comes to english class and i changed things up. it was my lesson but you knwo how i get bored with books andeverything so i decided we are here why not. lets sing songs. but what are the ONLY songs missionaries can sing? so we went to the piano opened a hymn book. (sister stiman thanks for teaching me what you did on the piano sorry i didnt learn more) but we picked out a song and wen with it . i am achild of god first in spanish next in english . the spirit was so strong. then we said THANK YOU!! kind of like the one lepor. thanky ou emelio for changing my life and being the example i need. oh my gosh. its amazing how something so small and simple changes peoples perspectives in an instant.
2. we spent an hour talking about pre earth life with a family. so stressful but to see that the family realized that they knew eachother before this life and that they had the opportunity to be together forever brought SMILES to their faces.
3. we went with a member who to a lesson and the lady at the timbre said she had to shower we waited 15 minutes and then she shut the door in our face saying come back later. cause she couldnt do it. he was like holy cow i dont know how they do it i was a little upset with it because that was wasted time but the Elders had big SMILES on their faces. what an amazing testimony.

i just want to say this. even though we have trials in out lives. car accidents, arguements, not recieving emails from the family, or losing a camera. its ok. if you look for the littler things and PUT A SMILE on your face. you will see SO many more miracles in your lives. keep doing the things you need to .. i miss you all!!! havea great week!