Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14

Well, it has been almost two weeks and I think the honeymoon period is over.

Here's a short note that I received today. He sent his original patriarchal blessing home.


I made a copy pf these (his patriarchal blessing). So I need to send them back. Don't worry. Just keep them safe. and know that I am using a page for you out of my new Spanish words booklet. (The note was on a small piece of notebook paper) I'm getting frustrated a little with my companion. No stress only 7 days. I mean weeks left til it's over ha. I'll be fine. I'll write on Wed. But ya. Hasta.

Love you!!

Elder B.

Human nature is that bliss one week will be frustration the next but I know that he will continue to work out those kinks and bugs of 24 hour relationships. You know we can all just walk away if people are annoying us but there isn't far to go when you are a mission. Good luck Brad.

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