Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 22

HAHAHA thats funny, carson and her camaras are like carson and her broken bones.. just never kept in check. HA thats funny, oh and side note. i think abby sends me mail like things happened and i was there and she was just reminding me. like her post card didnt make sense and some letters dont make sense. something about being in the room and the window falling and then she thought it was the neighbors.. haha its ok though all is well. Ryker is a punk such a gangsta his handprint looks like he as 3 fingers.. hahaha. Yes i got the christmas bread it was delicious and my room hoarded it. so tell jack attack we thank her for her deliciousness. None of us are quite liking the food so we found some friends from high school and gave them some money and they bought us costa!!! it was better than we could have loved because it was REAL FOOD!!! haha anyways abby is going to turn into me with the "what are we going to do today" question. Anyways today is p day obviously and i dont get to snatch the newbies because of p day, esta bien, we usually get to go to the temple but its closed for a couple weeks so thats no bueno, so letters today and studying cause thats all that it ever consists of studying studyin studying.
We dont get a christmas break we have a firesdide for 2 hours one christmas eve and then christmas morning we have breakfast and then talent show stuff and then our dinner (at lunch) and then a 2 hour devotional (we think its going to be an apostle) and then sacuk lunch(at dinner) and then i dont really know so its not class but its still devotional and what not. We havent recieved any new districts in out zone but our zone keeps getting smaller every week. im pretty sure no new missionaries come this week or next week but i could be wrong.
As for other news spanish is coming very very slow. im pretty sure the week after next we starrt teaching the first lesson in spanish so thats kind of intimidating to think about right now, i gave one in spanish already and it was super hard. The thing with spanish is i think in english still so trying to express myself is hard cause i dont know the words yet. Also the district loves that whenever they need a scripture i usually know where to find it, which is kinda cool cause before i never really know where they were just general ideas. We also have had a lot of talks on obedience and agency lately. Just get your minds thinking.. jk of course im doing my best its just that we can all do better.
ok so this will probably be my last little bit but i think ive figured some things out lately, remember how i could get anyone to do almost anything for me?? haha and you guys all wished that i had a companion like that on my mission? well im pretty sure its been found already it took me a couple weeks to figure out but its come to my knowledge so things are getting better but everyone in our district and zone are helping. It doesnt help when people dont want to be in the MTC at all sometimes the attitudes rub off. anyways i just wanted to say start wishing that when i get to Spain ill have a trainer that likes to work hard !! please!! haha you guys are awesome i love you all!! dont forget letters i get so excited to recieve them!!! Enjoy your christmas this year i am pretty sure it will be a "normal christmas" seeing as you will actually get through the night before opening presents not 3 am or midnight!! mi testimonio es que la iglesia es verdadero, jose smith es un prefeta y Dios restauro la iglesia y sacerdocio a traves do jose smith, Dios es un ser amaroso. jose smith vio Dios. Yo se que Thomas s. Monson es un prefeta in las ultimos dias. Yo se que Jesucristo us nuestro hermano mayor y expio por nuestros pecados. I love you all! be safe keep in touch!

Now for a few thoughts:

It sounds like he learning a lot and that he is the same in some ways. How he got someone to go and get him Costa I will never figure out. We are anticipating that we will not be up as early as usual on Christmas as he was the one waking us up early.

I have a hard time posting his letters and not fixing the punctuation but that must be a teacher thing.

We are having fun thinking about him enjoying the spiritual side of the MTC this holiday season.

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