Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16

Wow. Three days in a row that we get letters. I even got a shout out from our friend Allie (who works at the MTC cafeteria) on Facebook.

Here's his letter:

I get your dear elders and they are great! You can put more than a paragraph on there ha! or more peoples letters in there, its all part of the virgin family stuff, ha, ha. I'm super glad that you are feeling better that makes me feel good. Sunday I had an insane experience. So we have devotionals or firesides every Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesdays are for General Authorities and Sundays are just whatever. So the BYU Men's Choir came on Sunday, the 12 of December. I loved the music. Some of it was weird but I guess that's life. Anyways, their last song was the best. Before I tell you, let me rewind. Earlier we had a district meeting about Christ's life and got some good insight. (If you need a good scripture session, look at John 15:16-20). We had good discussions so that is really cool about sacrament meeting. Must be inspiration. So we listened to the last song and they showed a video of Christ's life with it. At the end, I had tears in my eyes but I kept it together for the prayer. The spirit was so strong, and at Amen, I was a lost cause. It was hard I couldn't control myself. But a bunch of the Elders were there for me.

Spanish is insanely hard. To say the least. We have learned a lot but I'm still like nowhere. Your keep the faith is so hard when I feel like I'm not progressing that much. I'm pumped for the candy and good advise about the presents. It'll be hard when all you want to do is open, open, open wondering what's going on in the outside world. My stuff is good I can only write once a week so no stress....yet.

I couldn't stop laughing about Abster playing the xylophone backwards. That is so cool!

So ya...It seemed a lot longer than 2 weeks which is super crazy! Ha, ya ....It's hard judging if I'm gonna make it to P-day with clean clothes. So for so good but between socks and garments ... and my insane sweating ability you never know.

His name is Trevor and I know Carson never shuts up about him. :) !!!

I'm glad you were thinking about me. Are you guys on Christmas break? That is weird to think about , I hope everyone likes my presents!

Mommy just know that I love you. You are the best. Thanks for keeping me in check. Especially for so much of my life. Ha I just remembered, so you know my famous question? "What are you we going to do today?" Well my companion never has input, just basic answers, kinda like yours. i dunno what do you want to do? ha well it's hard having companion study when the other half doesnt give their input. so i try hard but its not really happening. I'm not the most organized note taker but i am taking my fair share of notes.

Just know that this really is the hardest thing i have ever had to do in my life. I respect more and more each day that you do so well at it. I can't believe how hard it is. Plus, it's hard in English. We haven't started teaching in spanish yet. Well in my prayers (which are mostly in spanish) I ask for this thing we call, "Don de lenguas." AKA "Gift of tongues."

It's something im trying to gain a testimony about.. kinda like tithing! :)

I Love you mom

Elder B!

Now here is the letters he sent to the rest of the family.

Dad, How was your trip? Heard it was pretty stressfull. But life goes on. How's the move coming?

You need to write more. Just saying. If i get them before Wed. We are good of not you have to wait longer.

I heard you performance was GREAT! Sorry I missed it! You are doing great! Keep me posted ok??

You all are awesome.
Elder B!

Okay this is Carson, if you saw Trevor you wouldn't stop talking about him either! Very attractive man!

Okay-- So I think that it is interesting how Heavenly Father makes us struggle at times. This is a boy that slid through school and now he has to struggle with the language. I think he thought because he could have a friendly conversation with some of his friends parents that he was a language speaker and of course it is a lot more than that. I don't even have the heart to tell him that he will feel just as frustrated as he goes to Spain and can't understand anyone.

At our house we know that Brad loves his mother. Everybody felt a little left out but I am sure we all are enjoying his letters.

I love that we all can feel the spirit of his testimony.

We love you all!


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