Monday, November 12, 2012

Three days!

I guess you are all aware that Brad is coming home this week. We are so thankful for the support that you have all given to us over the past two years.  He has really grown in the gospel  and we are all so excited.  Three more days.

Hey yall,

This is it. the last time you will hear anything from me until i get home (unless inah has something to say about it) haha she will probably call you and then call me and then call you again :D that was really nice of her to do and really really weird to hear moms voice but it was a great party. im going to miss everyone here, they have changed my life so much. but the time has come and i guess i could be more of a man about it haha. We found out last night that tomorrow we go in to Malaga.we leave here at like 315 in the afternoon and then get there at around 9 or so. then all day wednesday in the mission home intervviews with president and the likes. and then try and sleep if thats going to even be possible to get up early thursday morning and start traveling. its going to be a nightmare i can almost see it now getting off the plane and just going to sleep and not waking up for a week hahahahaha. that would be the life but i doubt itwould happen im to used to the schedule of the mission and working and walking and stuff so that i wont be able to sleep. too much ill do my best hopefully ... alright as you can tell im kind of just really rambling i dont have too much to say this week. ill see you all on thursday haha. thats weird. alright well love you! dont get too crazy!

Monday, November 5, 2012

An epistle from Brad and 10 Days left!

well it was a rough week. but its part of the life out here. 

So, inah and inma are just going strong they are great and are just excited to keep learning and growing and that has been a blessing in our life and especially in my life. i have learned a lot from being around them and teaching them. and they have great faith so its been a great experience. haha. they both have interesting stories. but we each have our own. so yeah. haha. this weekend on saturday inah wants to make us breakfast and dinner haha she is crazy and then on sunday she is going to make us lunch. she makes sooo much food and its really really good haha but she wants to do it cause it will be the last time that me and elder biamont will be here and she wants to throw us a party and one for my birthday as well. she is crazy but i love her. as well there is going to be a baptism this weekend. just not from an investigator .. these two little boys that are twins are going to get baptized and they changed it to this weekend so that we can be there and watch it as well. haha i love them they are the happiest little guys ever.. they get in trouble at home anddd at school for laughing and they are usually just laughing cause of dumb stuff but they dont even need ot be together to laugh just by themselves. haha. i can never leave their house without wanting to just be a happier person. haha. they are really cool haha. to say the least. 

So its my last full week as a missionary. thats weird. haha it still doesnt feel real. i cant really explain cause like we are just going to go out and work and everything like normal this week. so maybe next week it will start hitting me cause i still feel the same. like i know its going to happen but we are just still normal. haha i dont know. everyone asks if im excited and stuff. its like a normal transfer when you know its going to happen yeah your excited to go and see new things and stuff but you leave a part of you in every area.. and its hard to leave every area cause of the relationships that you make with people and the people you have seen change their lives and the people that have changed your life and everything its not something that is explainable but when you go and give your heart to people a part of it stays there. it will never leave. 

but at the same time like i said there are times to move on. and sometimes its hard and a lot of times you dont know whats going to happen after or in the future or how you are going to deal with it or anything. but as you push forward the lord is there and helps and you can make it happen. i was talking with elder cooper this week and we were talking about everything (like always) haha and it just feels like now that we have made it 2 years in a different land and a different culture and everything like that and sometimes feeling totally on your own its kind of like i feel like i can do anything and take on the world and make it work when i come home haha. like i feel one of the biggest things you learn is how to put your mind to something and to getting it done whether you like it or not and to create good strong healthy habits that help you move forward and progress. instead of ones that stop and hold you back. studying the scriptures praying sharing testimony and just helping people. i dont think that i have ever been happier in my whole 20 almost 21 years of life. and its never been anything i have ever been able to explain because there is so much negativity and things that are against you as a missionary and everything. name calling to getting things thrown at you to doors slammed in your face to people telling you they dont want anything anymore to anything you can really imagine even sometimes your companion not wanting to do anything or be around you and not talk to you and you are so alone. but to see the light of the gospel in your life and see the blessings and applying them in your life it makes you change your heart and you look at everyone differently cause you dont know exactly where people have come from or how far they have come on the journey of life. and i think one thing that i have learned is just what elder uchtdorf has said. its not a race but a journey. elder woodford in our district meeting brought up like 2 weeks ago. how much time do we have left like 20 days (at the time) but how many moments do we have.. innumerable..

it doesnt matter how much time we have left in life .. we can count the days but its never really been about that i think its always more about the moments we have.. the things we dont know good and bad and you can never count those cause you never know when they are going to happen and what sizes or shapes they come in. 

WEll that was a long email haha. but i am excited for this last week i have to work we are doing a lot of good and next week i will be coming home! CRAZY haha. anyways just know that i love you all and am grateful f or everything that you have all done for me have a great week!