Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8

Email from Brad this morning. Note: the instructions that packages need to be at the MTC before Dec 22nd.

Here it is. I am at work so will comment later.

So as far as E-mails go i only get 30 min on p-day to go into emails and i can only email family. haha I love our van i think our next investment for a car should be a van cause they are the most problem causing cars in the Bradley household. Everything here is needing to get used to the schedule, the food, the classes all day, the spanish, the Zone, just to name a few. My companion is Elder Hales he is good to me so dont stress about that. He is a way nice guy from Salt lake and he goes to Malaga as well. In fact my whole room (my companionship and another companionship) are all going to Malaga so that is pretty exciting. SEND MORE LETTERS!! ha in our district the letters are flowing through dear elder. and i can only email once a week so i guess family if you want to email me you can but i wont get it til wednesday but i can read your letters til wednesday and that is really nice after all these rough days. We have 2 teachers Hermano Wells and Hermano Snyder and apparently they are really liked around here. Our whole district likes them and they are really excellent at helping us when we need help with what we are learning. Spanish is going pretty well.... its exctremely hard but i say all my prayers in spanish, sometimes spanglish, and i can say a simply testimony in spanish. I enjoy being able to do that and everything, its crazy that it has been a week already
sorry my computer is having some struggles but its weird that its come this far already it went by EXTREMELY slow at first but the days are starting to mold together and now that i actually know how to study and use my time in a more effective manner i feel like sometimes there isnt enough time When the other Elders left we sang Para Siempre Dios esta Con Vos or something like that its not exactly the same but we sing it and Elder phillips who is in my district said that it kinda sounded like a song that is sung in a pub it was so unique and fun to just bellow it out with the other missionaries oh yeah it means God be with you til we meet again so ya just to give you some ideas We are supposed to tell you that all packages are not going to be accepted for christmas after the 22nd just fyi and then it opens sometime after that i dont know its hard to keep track of everything. Well today obviously is my first p day and im doing laundry for my first time oh which reminds me i barely hve enough black socks to last me a week and i thought i had a pair of socks but it was one sock folded into itself haha so if any of you are looking to send a christmas present ill write a letter to santa today and ask him for some gold toe socks. Ha im still excited to hear how you all like your Christmas presents. its going to be an adventure. So next week ill try to have my thoughts more established ive recieved letters and ill write ones home to you dont be mad if they are a little short i have lots to say to all of you but i dont know how much time i get to write so they might be smaller but they will come in time. Im looking forward to see the blog after i get home ha thats exciting it sounds so official but not as official as the little old lady putting on my name tag!! that was pretty intense and i can barely say what it says on it. out loud at least i can say all of it in my head haha super helpful i know. You are all amazing Im thankful that we all have been able to have awesome experiences together and that although all of this is hard that it is worth it and i cant do it without your help and support and that we can all lean on the Lord for help and strength. Dont forget who you are and That i love you all. i keepyou in my prayers La Iglesia es verdadera, Jose Smit es un profeta Jesucristo es nuestro hermano y el salvador. el Padre Celestial es ser amoroso en el Nombre de Jesucristo Amen

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