Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 485

ok lets see, this week was great, we only had 1 morning to do all of our normal work i guess you could say. like seriously all of our mornings were taken away from us and we still did a butt load of work. thinking back on it all i dont know how we got the amount of lessons as we had. its amazing haha we keep imagining if we had all of our time to do everything. haha anyways. its ok we arent mad. i got my residency card taken care of so i wont get kicked out of spain thats a good thing haha happy moment of the week. we also went to a baptism last night with one of our investigaters, she is from nicaragua and super funny, she is with a friend but her friend doesnt really want anything to do with us, she listens but she likes the worldy things too much, so anyways we hit up that baptism and she has a date for this weekend it wasnt super set it was kind of a lazy date but after seeing the baptism she wants to get baptised. she tried to tell us she would do it in nicaragua. but then the convincingness that comes from the elder bradley that we all know and love came out and she said she would give us a set date where she wont back down the next time we meet with her. so we are excited. we are really happy. haha good things are happening. we are trying to do more but there just is no time or energy. running up and down hills all day like literally haha i love it but i am going to be in such good shape ill probably be in wal mart after the mission and buy everything in 15 minutes cause it will just get done like that haha. its funny. anyways other cool things from this week. i cant really think of much else. we had our specialized training and we talked a lot about personal revelation thats kind of been the focus for president lately before he leaves. i guess. anyways he told us some cool things. we are the top baptizing mission in spain. that has never happened before, we are on track for our goal of 404 plus baptisms for this year. last year we got 325 and that has never happened in our missions history. so we are just going onward and upward with everything that we are doing. we are really excited and happy to be here. haha he went to a mission president conference and said that in other places they got on the plane and it was -17 C and here its 20 or 25 degree C so we are just being blessed a lot.

Elder Geest is an animal. his sister was in my zone in the MTC so i knew him a little bit i have met him once before and we are both really happy to be companions right now we jsut laugh all day really running and laughing i guess that could be the theme of this transfer, he is a hard worker and he says that im always happy. for example last night when we were at the baptism we had to run to catch the bus but we missed the one we wanted because after nine they leave at a different stop. its ok. the only problem is that the next one didnt leave til 11. our investigator watches a grandma and was late for work and she was freaking out and there was this other lady that had missed it as well so we just started get to know you questions for like 30 min and everyone was having a good time. it was kind of cool. but then we got home and we were hungry so we go to the kitchen and there were ants crawling everywhere by the sink ( this wasnt the first time that it has happened we had bought spray and stuff and havent had this problem for a couple weeks) but then i was like we should make a video on our cameras of the disasters in the ant world "and now more on the floods happening in sink island next to the volcano from stovetop" haha we didnt end up making a video but we were just laughing and stayed up pretty late cleaning. its ok though. mission life. no need to fret we havent had cockroaches.... yet. i havent had problems with those in my mission like other elders have had. im praying that i still dont have to but one never knows.

Well things are going great.. Ryker is getting big. cache looks like lance. we are happy and healthy keep being happy. happy spring and enjoy conference! love you all!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 471

This week was really cool we live on just hills. its kind of crazy but we have been running back and forth and everywhere to get to citas and stuff. i hope i lose wieght haha. ummm its really hot here kind of... but the people say its still nothing i wear a sweater because it gets cold at night and its pretty windy here. buto ther than that its just super hot. i might die this summer haha ill be ok really though. we have been busy. i have to do my residency stuff so its been kind of a hassle to go to sevilla to do it but i should have like one more stop there this friday to get all the final paperwork done and then just wait til the do it and im done with it. ummm there have been some cool experiences that have happened. we did a contacting activity in sevilla on saturday and we went on exchanges iwth other missionaries and i was with an elder in my district we decided to split up so that we could contact more people in this park. there was this lady sitting on a bench who was praying to know if god existed because of stuff that was going on in her life and she finished and lifted her head and saw my companion she then said if this is you God have him talk to me and he gave her the first lesson right there. it was cool to hear about the experience. then when we were planning on saturday night for sunday we couldnt think of anything to do on sunday night. so we just left it blank and said that we would do contacts if we didnt think of anything. not the best but. its what we felt. so we called in our numbers and had about an hour left. we thought of a member to pass by. they werent home and so we were getting ready to do some contacting and i thought Jose maria. he is a man that was excommunicated and the girl he lives with is a romanian recent convert. they are really nice. so we went over there and they let us in and they thought we were sent cause they didnt go to church. we talked to them and then Cristina the girl asked about one of the references she had given before i got here we talked to her and she wants to be a missionary so we set up a time to do a noche de hogar with them and set that by general conference they have 2 people for us to teach. they are really excited then they asked for a blessing he is sick and has a hard time sleeping at night so we gave him a blessing and he said he felt very inspired and he was glad that we listened to the spirit to go and visit them last night. the lord works in crazy ways. its like in mosiah 4.9 beleive in God believe he created all things beleive that man doesnt comprehend all that God comprehends. People are ready for the Gospel and they are everywhere. look and pray forr those opportunities. i love you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 464 -- New Address

ok. first off. Abster. dude. you gotta stop sending me forwards i dont read them anyways. ok?? thanks :D second. Alcalá is super awesome!!!!!! here is out address.

C/ avena 7
Alcalá de Guadaira (sevilla)

its super pretty. we have our own chapel! there are a lot of hills! im going to get in shape here haha. especially when we get the work to be to the point where we have to run every where. we have already started doing that a little bit but we have a little bit of a ways to go. we are super happy though. the only problem is that the ward is a little negative. ive noticed that a lot here but we are just going crazy. on saturday we set a baptismal date with this lady . we are excited for here. we have 3 dates for baptism now andddd we got this kid who didnt want anything to do with the church to accept going on a mission. so we will see where that goes as well.

umm today we are in sevilla we are pretty excited .. no hills. haha andddd super pretty lots of things to see and we are going to play soccer on grass. its a rare opportunity. to play on grass. haha. so yeah some elders have talked me up to the members about being goalie and stuff. people i dont know have brought it up its an exciting thing. so today at 330 its going down!!! haha we are so pumped and there are kids in my zone that played soccer in utah with me. ok well against me. i dont really remember them but they remembered me from provo and stuff so i guess its kind of cool. we are going with some of the hermanas to plaza de españa .. its kind of a big deal around these parts im excited to finally see it. haha.

Alcala is cool my comp is awesome we are going to have sucha great time together there is so much potential here and we are just going onward and upward i guess the quote of the week is.
you seldom come accross anything more enjoyable than a happy person.
keep that in mind. we are good. we are happy we are going to change this place. haha love you all thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!!!! MMUUUAAHHHH

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 457

so i was in madrid last week and i didnt have time to do emails so i just told mom i was alive so that you all wouldnt worry. so i got to go to the temple and it was so amazing. it was just what i needed right now i miss the temple so much. i did it all in spanish and the person i had to talk to was french haha so... not going into details it was hard and frustrating haha. i feel like its been WAY TOO LONG since ive gone. . . dont let yourselves get that way.
we had to go to madrid cause mendoza had some paperworks to get done. spain is weird. when you have a kid you have to look in their dictionary of names to put the name. sooo his name is jhonny and in the dictionary they have johnny so he had to change it so he didnt have any more problems. kind of frustrating but its ok anyways.
i have some news for everyone. im ... leaving cartagena. i dont know how i feel about it. i love this place so much . buttttt such is life i guess. im going to a pueblo or a little city in the "state" if you can call it that .. the region of sevilla. its called alcalá de .... something. i dont know haha president told me alcalá but everyone around here says something else so ill get more info next week . lets see.
thats about all the exciting stuff. it was a suprise to me to be leaving buttt like i said . oh well. im going on wednesday i leave at 915 in the morning i get there at 630 at night. a long bus ride im not too excited. but oh well.
my new companion is the first on that i know before im with him he is a cool dude so im not worried im actually really really excited to be with him and i have only heard good things about hte area. president told me im going to a house not an apartment and its pretty much a mansion. its the biggest house in the mission for the missionaries so its about time a get treated like a king haha. anyways life is good im happy its weird that its march already time is flying by cartagena feels like a dream haha but anyways im good. ill talk to you guys next weeek! love you!