Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 212

alright i dont have a whole lot of time becauase we are at a different locutorio so i cant go over a little bit so this week will be short and sweet haha sorry!!!!!! ummm lets just say it was a good week it was a solid week.. im super tired because we have been working hard but man.. im just tired haha my zone leader told me that that is a good sign .. which i wont argue with it jsut sucks haha. umm we taught a lot i got a romanian investigator who thinks his heart isnt clean enough to pray so i just did what i was taught.. repeat after me. and he did it .. TWICE .. its so funny causeill say gracias por el Evangelio and he will say .. eso es ingles haha its super funny. another guy doesnt want another book to read so what we do is open to a verse and he will read it and ill say do you understand or what do you think or how do you feel.. he usually says yeah it makes sense i dont feel anything i dont want to think so ill just say keep reading haha elder rencher and i thought it was funny i dont know why i was just like keep going. haha umm the most frustrating part of the week as always... the dreaded sunday. NO ONE COMES TO CHURCH so we are working on new things to do. and yeah we are just fun and happy and excited to keep going. sorry its short its hot and i need to go buy my food for this week. i miss you all tell everyone i say hi. tell jackie she has to write me a 3 page handwritten letter. by august first. haha anyways ill write you all next week. this is always the fastest hour. haha send me pictures and letters!!!!! i want to see you guys more!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 205

Sorry this is going up late but he didn't get it to us until later today! Usually it is in my inbox by about 4:30am but today it was 11:40.

ok well this week was really good. im glad you all see that you can believe me when i say im doing good that i am doing good. but if you need to see the sick pictures of me with elder esponja .. thats ok too hahahaha. ummm lets see.. we had a great week i dont really know what to tell you we just taught and walked. a ton .. my legs hurt my ankle is dead haha but im fine. i promise, THANKS FOR THE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha i forgot the feeling that peanut butter has of sticking to the top of your mouth! i missed it! haha umm oh the other thing.. we walked into piso yesterday and there were flies EVERYWHERE it was super nasty .. but dont fret we took care of it. since we get home and 10:15 anyways. lets see.. haha Portia.. thank you for your flashlight haha because i want to explain what we did. we have 2 rolls of tape. we put the tape on top of eachother with the holes in the middle and stood the flashlight up shining towards the ceiling ... we got a glass bowl and filled it with water and went to bed hoping that the flies would be attracted to the light and die in the water. IT WORKED. all the flies that were on the roof and stuff in the morning were all in the water. the reason i explained so well is because i forgot my camera chord so i cant send the pictures we took haha shame shame. anyways if you have fly problems it works. haha. ummm
im glad life is going good the days are totally mixing together i kind of dont know what to say to you guys its hard to keep track of what has happened. we are trying to work with the members but its hard when they live so far away.. they life in membrilla which is another pueblo we can only make it there as missionaries one time a week. um to give you an i dea its like driving from home to moms school away. haha so yeah its kind of hard to work with the members but we are doing the best that we can.
we were in ciudad real today for p day and went to this .. i dont even know what its called a random lake in the middle of no where but its like a tourist spot .. again the chord to my camera.. but it was way cool and im way glad we did it. umm other than that we need to get out working soon so im going to wrap up. thanks for all you guys are doing to support me out here. im having fun and the stories are amazing. let me know if i can do anything for you guys. haha its just hot out here thats my biggest problem is keeping the energy that i need to keep going. but its coming i might send a letter to my mission president to ask if we can go UPS status and just wear short dress pants haha we will see how that goes. anyways. other than that i dont have a whole lot to say just a lot of work to be done and a lot of trying to get in the doors. haha its nice though if you ask people for water they let you in and then you sit down get to know them and then start teaching but yeah my time is like out .. i love you all!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 198

Yes they listen to black music

hola todos.
espero que estéis bien. this week was a rougher week. but no need to fear haha im still happy. its just frustrating. thats all. and dad that was a cool story. but... i was just thinking about the walk and talk idea. great idea. but there is no where around here where people can just gather around kind of a thing like that. plus we would need the members and all of them live in manzanares which is a 25 minute bus ride away from here. so yeah. but mostly there isnt like a nice place like grass.. i havent really seen grass since ive been im spain. haha it doenst exist except on the futbol fields. which is ok. haha anyways we will continue working.

Lady making hankerchief
lets see. this week was probably the worst of my mission. no one wanted to listen to us. haha but the funny thing is elder rencher and i just went crazy. its funny how when you have a goal to get done and it seems like life or death to get done (teaching 20 lessons) so that people dont call you (like the ap or president) and think that you are just screwing around. but haha you just find any way to teach a lesson. its amazing the ways you can get people to listen to you. haha. we see peopleup in their windows standing on their balconys and we just start talking to them. and if they say they arent interested ... oh well we start with the first lesson right there. .. so far no success doing that . but its part of the life haha . so the moral of the story .. keep your head up in the hard times cause you dont know who will be higher than you can see that needs the help still. if that makes sense.

Elder Esponja
im just trying to think of things we have been doing. thats out of the norm. i cant really think of anything too crazy yet. we kind of just go out and try talking to everyone that wants to listen its pretty much if we can get in the door we usually get an invite back. its just getting in the door. and finding the times that they can do it. haha
just keep doing what your supposed to be doing. keep working hard with all the stuff but dont forget to have fun. .. for example as a missionary. im sure all the returned missionaries know. but the others might not. contacting is THE BEST. usually you wouldnt think so. i love contacting in the street because you can make it SO MUCH FUN. and you get to talk to some crazies. all the bums in the street love it when we walk by. they always say hi to us and have a smile on their faces haha its cool. or this other time i was talking to this lady and she had like a 2 year old girl in a stroller and I was trying to get a choca.. or a high five and she wouldnt do it so we were just laughing and then she gave me one of her chips. haha when you have fun with something or if you make something that you dont like doing fun then man. its the best ever haha
anyways life is good. time is flying its weird. haha
anyways i love you all!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 191

well this is fun. we had an interesting week. first of so everyone is on the same page. a pueblo is just a little town. i dont know what to compare it too. but its like 20'000 people which is a handful but its still not that many. we walk from all sides of the pueblo every day at least 3 times a day it takes about 20 minutes to get from one side to the other. we kind of give uup on saying we are the missionaries and try just saying hi to people so that we can at least talk to the mabout something. many dont want anything to do with us but if we dont bring up gospel things then they talk to us more. so having the advantage i just talk about futbol. and yesi know that spain beat usa 4-0. and that nadal beat federer in the tournament. the only things that are ever open around here are bars and they always have the games on so we just poke our heads in and ask them haha. so its nice lets see what else. Elder rencher and i argue like every day but in reality it brings spice into our lives here. we have a timbre so if anyone ever wants to get in they have to push our button kind of a thing ... WELL... our piso is pretty cool we have a camara so we can see who is down there. well this device has a power button. so i can turn it on from my piso. one day for spanish study i figured i would talk to the people at the bottom. it forces me to use spanish and they actually talk to me. So i turned it on and turned on the sound. but i thought i would have some fun with it. SO.... i see the guy opening the door with his key and i say "hola señor como está" and he says he is good and i say .. look i have a problem. i seemed to have lost my keys. are they down there? and he looks around and goes on to say no. so i say well are they on the ground? (dont forget i see everything he does on the camara) haha and he says no. so i say its really important that i get my keys. (i see on the camara this lady walking by) so i say look my sister is coming will you at least open the door for her? so he says ok. haha and i say she is wearing a red shirt and her name is maria. so he talks to that lady and she has no idea what he is talking about and keeps walking so i thank him for his time and let him go.
it was the best spanish study i have had in valdepeñas. haha but dont worry. we are still working hard too.
elder hamilton is my zone leader and he was giving us aride home ontuesday from district meeting. and he ended up putting the wrong gas in the car. so we got home late that night and on friday nobody of our 5 set citas could do it and nobody that we passed by could do it. so its been a great week. we are just continuing on growing as a companionship and trying to figure our what this place needs.
our rama has 5 solid families. 3 of which are just couples. haha there are about 20 members in our rama (counting us as missionaries) i think yesterday we had 11 people at church which was a lot. haha it seemse like. but yeah anyways we are just chugging . im always tired i didnt know i would have my legs hurt from walking around all day. haha anyways i hope all is oging well!!! love you all!