Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 118

como esteis? estoy un poco perezoso entonces no quiero escribir la primer marka de cuestion. haha anyways i hope all is going well everything here is going super peachy. 2 baptisms this last week AND they asked me to do it.. one of them at least haha it was a good experience. also i gave my first discurso yesterday (talk) in sacrament meeting . i talked about the importance of families and how we need to teach the gospel to our kids. i dont know how well it was but everyone was saying my spanish is getting lots better. its weird how that works cause it just starts clicking and making sense sometimes and then other times... there is no hope. but i was talking to hna Clegg at the Zone conference we had this last week and she was telling me how she has been here for 2 years already and thinks that there are just those people that ... you just dont understand haha. but its all good.

lets see, im trying to think of things that happened this week that were super cool or anything. oh DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO. we had 3 baptisms this last month the first one (glenda) got a job after getting baptized. that same week she got fired for being a mormon. she still come to church and all that stuff and got a job that has sundays free and accepts mormons. its a miracle. the other is the wife in the picture i just sent home and she got a new job that now has sundays free and is closer because its here in malaga and not in one of the outskirt villages. its amazing the way the lord blesses you when you do what you are supposed to.
Portia and Lance congrats on the house im sure it looks BEAUTIFUL! keep me updated on the life with all that stuff.
Kels and Wayne Congrats on the learners permit! thats pretty exciting i remember how i felt when i had that freedom.. and i remember now how it feels to have it taken away (cause i cant drive hahaha)
Cars. sorry about the concussion but congrats on being able to take the hard drugs haha
Ab. I hope school is going well . let me know how all of that is going ok?
mom and dad haha i hope work is going well and that everything is working out how it needs to right now

have a great week and remember who we need to build upon as our rock (heleman 5:12)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 111

Madrid Temple. Picture from last week.

Provo Temple. Also a picture from last week.

Boo Hoo, The only picture on the MIssion Mom's blog --- was a picture that he had sent home last week. Maybe next week we will get more. I think my work email is hating me so I am not getting his email until I forward it from his dad's account. Double BooHoo.

But he sounds busy and happy.

Hey everyone,
so i tried to send some pictures home in the email last week but i guess some of you got it and some of you didnt i dont really know because i got an email back to day saying there was a failure or something ... anyways.

lets see this last week was a fun week i went on intercambios with the ZL and yeah that was pretty fun. we didnt do a whole lot of teaching new people with elder west this week. because we have the baptisms this wednedsday that were supposed to be last week. yeah andd so baptism weeks are the hardest weeks cause when things can go wrong they do. which isnt always fun. but thats ok. uhmmmmm.

highlight story of the week that was pretty intense. sooo. background we walk a lot here and there are a lot of drunk people that just sit on the benches and stuff and they usually yell stuff at as like " hey jesus give me your new bible" and stuff like that. and then people driving by and all that stuff just yell stuff at us. butttt we were going to a investigators house or menos activo or something i dont really remember and this guy starts yelling at us from his window and usually when we get yelled at elder west just starts getting down on himself and stuff and starts worrying about what they are saying and stuff like that so i was like just dont worry about it and did my best to keep talking about other things.. soo we almost get to the corner of the street ... and before i tell you what happens .. this day was bad everybody failed us and everybody didnt want to listen and i had probably the first migrane of my life .. so my head was killing me and it was super duper hot. sooo we get to the corner and this bottle comes flying by my head and we just kept walking .. it didnt really phase me ha but i think it was just soda cause it was in a plastic bottle... but we kept walking and i turn to elder west and i was like ... dangit you know what i shouldve done? and he was like .. what? haha and i was like grabbed his drink and just poured it into the street. cause it was still full.. but then i was like im proud of you for not stressing out about it haha so yeah.. it was a fun day with elder west.

then as we were going a couple days later or before i dont really remember all the members have been super angry lately.. like with eachother and with their kids.. the hardest thing to do is be in a cita with people and have a nice lesson except when the parents are always just complaining about the kids saying they have problems and that they are dumb in front of not only the missionaries but other guests too. and you see how it affects the kids like they are pretty much in tears and we just sit there because there isnt a whole lot that we can do. but with a lot of the families we are going to be having family nights with them this week and we are in charge.. i think that is the biggest thing around here is how they i dont know how you say it .. are like faltar.....faltar is .. lacking . they are lacking it. anyways. keep having family nights and stuff cause satanas is attacking those the hardest.

on to other stuff the baptism we were supposed to have last week is moved to this week so that we can get his wife baptized too!! and they asked elder west and i to do it so we have been practicing the prayer in spanish so that i can do it haha its his first time getting in the water too.

i cant really think of anything else really that happened this week .. let me know about the pictures from last week if they worked and if you want pictures more like that and what not.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 104


This is the soccer ball he talks about in his post.

This is where Brad lives. It looked like that on Google Earth when I googled it.

The baptism with Elder West.

So apparently Brad's dad got his email today and I have just been slow getting it on the blog.

Here it is:

ok so i just pushed reply on this email so hopefully the pictures work.. there only a handful that i can do and it takes a while .. they are loading while im typing. yeah we were contacting at a bus station and this guy asked us if we new about japan and we were like uhh no .. and he told us what happend pretty crazy. but im glad you had some relax time in vegas.. estaremos por un castillo hoy. estoy animado. y despues yo quiero dormir un poco porque la semana pasada fue un poco dificil con todos las cosas. hospital bautismo y muchas investigadores ahora. tenemos un otro bautismo este semana y tenemos la ooportunitidad fijar dos mas fechas para bautismo este semana.. nuestro cita esta en miercoles.
entonces tenemos mucha trabajar ahora y mi espaƱol es un poco mal toda via pero es mucho mejor que un mez pasado.
uhh im trying to think i sent a couple pictures and ill try to send a couple every week so that we can have the love beeing shared. oh before i forget on the blog the picture with the pyramid where my head is down.. the elder right above me i was on splits with him this week because elder west was at the district leader meeting thing .. he told me a funny story and while we were in the pyramid he said the joke of the story and i just started laughing like crazy.. besides the point of my head being down elder west is the top right elder with the reddish pinkish tie. so now you can see what he looks like. the picture of me holding the soccer ball is signed by ronaldihno by this menos activo family. they are so amazing .. they gave me a regalo.. a malaga fc flag its hanging above my bed right now .. i love it to death. haha the family is great too. they love us.. and they cant say bradley very well here so we just say elder brad for a lot of people. umm im trying to think of anythign that i missed in telling you excited for the package tell abster that ill be fine. if there was a natural disaster .. no pasa nada. we are doing great here in malaga. im doing a lot better i feel a lot better just was a long week and lack of sleep. but ill catch up today after the castillo and before we head out of piso again. i miss you all i hope all is going well. its weird the time is flying by like crazy out here. its almost been a whole transfer for me in the real mission field haha . anyways keep in touch we are going to the castle now with our district. keep smiling keep reading scriptures keep preying together. and yeah love you!"!!!! enjoy the pictures i just picked a few :s

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 97

Dear mother of mine that i love super duper much
haha this last week sucked. my comp weas sick a lot of the time so i had to do a lot more of the teaching which was frustrating cause i still get super lost in the charlas (discussions) but he lost his voice and that sucked plus on thursday we ate with a member and got food poisening so that didnt help cause on friday we couldnt leave piso and saturday was rough its still kinda bad now more for my comp than for me. but im fine .. ill live its just diarrea and puke hahahaha .. i know you wanted to know super bad. there are never days in the mission where i could say TGIF haha maybe TGIM (thank goodness its monday) haha p days are pretty chill its nice to get the emails and know how everythign went this last week ha but yeah its ok i hope vegas is nice. yeah the hospital is like right down the road and the gym (dino gym) i dont know how specific it is on the map but we live right about dino gym so yeah. if it shows you that then you see my piso .. .. but yeah thats cool that you google mapped it haha yeah ... that about all that i have to say i have a baptism this sunday ill take pictures and i forgot my camera this week but ill send more pictures in email next week so dont stress they will come .. and THANKS for sending the right sim cards haha i was jsut bumberd that you didnt take pictures with them first haha. ok as far as sending the package.. send it to my apartment. cause when it is sent to the mission home it takes a couple months to get cause we have to go pick it up or wait for a zone conference til they bring it to us.. so send it to my piso it will be better that way. other than that nothing really to talk about just trying to keep up with the life around here. its weird that in about 4 weeks i wont be a greenie any more and its weird to think that its already p day again haha. but things are going good with elder west he is a funny kid.. he worries about everything like last night we were late to go to a contacting activity with the hermanas and the bus was like half an hour late and he was freaking out and said he felt super bad.. but its like how are we supposed to have it be our fault when the bus came late and he was saying how its still our responsablity and stuff.. which i know is true but we cant control everything so i jsut laugh at him.. but he gets mad when i ask him why he is so mad when its not perfect.. he hates being late .. if we arent 15 minutes early we are pretty much late and he freaks out i love it. haha i just tell him to calm down .. its a work in progress. :) anyways im excellent i love you tons!!!! talk to you next week!