Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 548

alright i got a ton of things to get through this email in so little time. so ill try to get through it i honestly have like 5 minutes i got caught up in the blog hahaha africa opening up again how cool?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

it really is cool. so listen i am leaving this wedensday to get transfered. haha me and philly lasted a transfer together and we actually did A TON together! so lets start... this last week we just had a rollercoaster ups and downs and all arounds and every day i came home with a headache with all of the crap and drama of peoples problems. its ok though we got called on thursday and they are closing alcala to missionaries due to lack of missionaries. there are 13 going home this week and we are only getting 4. so for this next transfer there wont be missionaries. but you might be wondering whats going to happen with all of the investigators?? welll this last weekend we had 2 baptisms. Angela and Thelma both decided to  get baptized. try getting a baptism together in 2 days. and then another one in an hour haha. a lot of stress but they wanted it. we did not force it upon them because we were leaving they just decided it was a good time as well. so we are  really happy and releived. but you still might be wondering. but elder bradley you still have other people you are teaching. well im going to Sevilla. im going to be a missionary with a really good hard working elder named Gibson. he is funny i love him. the thing is we are taking over 3 areas now the normal elder area in sevilla. then the hermanas area because they are taking hermanas out and as well alcala. so we are going to be super busy now and there are lots of baptisms coming up with all of the work and areas and its going to come down to just good planning. haha i am excited and this week was just full of the spirit. we are happy and we are just working hard. the last 6 months is the time to really shine we know all the stuff and its just putting it to practice. and what better way to start than to just get going on everything haha. oh man. im so happy right now. and so sad cause im leaving haha but its not as bad as philly because he is going away for sure. anyways you are all awesome i dont think i have felt the spirit of helping people more than this last week. or the fruits of it. i am so happy and i know that through examples lives are changed. you are all examples to me and i am so happy and glad to be a part of all of  your lives. and to have you in mine. Spain is growing, people are ready for the gospell!!! and this is the truth! and i love it. havea great week! and dont go crazy with that new beamer dad. ... i might need to borrow it when i come home??? that would be a great birthday present :D

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 541

alright I don't have that much time we are going to a cathedral today ans we are excited. It's still hot but it has cooled down a lot this week just to go up it rained yesterday and last night the thunder was really really really intense.  my comp was laughing at me because it was going a little crazy.  It as like 10 seconds long each  one and then with the lightning strike right after and then another 10 second was just craziness haha.  other news we work up to 2 slowly coming over my fear of little bugs and stuff.  hahah i didn't jump up on the desk this time just the couch haha.  a little progress I guess....haha so we are having good lessons on our part still but people just want to wait so we need to respect that but at the same time the reasons that they are waiting are dumb and not helping things but. if thats what they want. as well transfers are coming up I don't think I am leaving I don't know why I would but I have a little bit of a feeling that I could be leaving just a gut feeling thing so thats just what it is. anyways other than that we are doing really well. im excited to go to sevilla it is going to be a good day today. the time is flying by right now its gong by really fast just trying to do what we can.  haha anyways love you have a great week!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 534

weelllllll skyping was the best! it was so great talking to you all! we are just doing great and the family loved getting to know you guys and enjoying the jokes and the good times haha they just wish that their english was better hahaha. and i was thinking about it i hope that my spanish doesnt sound like yours haha and if it did when i started well im glad i was in the mtc haha .just kidding its all jokes we all go through it. but it was great ... we are doing really good just the highs of the whole just finished talking  to my family dealio was just going through the roof. we are doing great all the missionaries are on their high stools right now haha there is nothing like family love and i am grateful for my family and the support you all give me through all the things that i have gone through in my life. . . its good that we have families and that is what is missing in so many peoples lives out here in spain.but its good. thats what we are helping them realize. but its ok.

today we are just going to go bowling and live it up with a couple of the other missionaries around here talk about the family and all the stuff that happened this weekend and stuff haha its a hot topic to see how everyone is doing and stuf haha we are pretty pumped. but i dont have much to say i dont like repeating myself too much we are just going on doing well. its super hot its just a problem that is going to have to be dealt with in these parts haha and the family i was with was just making fun of me last night cause it was so hot they say this is still nothing which is still imprssive to me cause its so miserable. i dont know why people choose to live here hahaha. anyways. 

 you are all awesome HAPPY MOM DAY!!! to all the mothers out there. you guys are the best! keep rockin it enjoy these last 6 months with out me cause then you are stuck with me haha anyways it was great t alking with you all! i love you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 527

well mothers day in spain was yesterday so happy mothers day to all you mothers out there!!! lets see next week is mothers day for the american continents sooooo we will chatt it up! we just talked to the guy here at the locutorio and he doesnt open on sunday til 6 in the afternoon so we will be here and ready then but knowing spain it might be a little crazy so between 6 and630which for you guys will be 10 or 1030 so just be ready at 10 and we will get from there. :D good? good! lets see. this week was good there are a lot of people we are teaching that have said that the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith could be a profet. well they say that and then we ask them to be baptized and they just dont want to be mormon. haha. sometimes i dont understand the reasoning of some people. honestly. but whatever. its their choice i feel good because at least its not on my head anymore i did my part. we are dropping lots of people we dropped over half of our investigetor pool this last week and have more to do this week. sooooo... that just means hittin the streets more .. again. like the last 18 months. haha. oh well the lord knows. funn story. carson is struggling with the whole grocery shopping business right now. well elder phillips and myself figured out a solution to our problems. we got with a member who has a big van and she took us to a store that you buy in bulk the stuff andd it came down to us spending 200 euros on food. but no need to stress we are good for at least the next 3 months haha. our fridge has never looked better neither our freezer... and on top of that neither our cupboards haha. plus we have been getting food from members so we are just feeling like a utah mission right now hahaha. cool story angela... she is colombian. she is going to get baptized. we just dont know when. when she feels like giving up smoking we went by last night... she just called me .. haha. and we are going by tonight. but last night we were there and she brought up baptism by herself and said she wants to do it but doesnt want a fecha. the lord has been talking to her through scriptures last week she just opened up and started reading and she read ALMA 6.. look it up. it was kind of like woah! we were excited and since then there has been a lot of progress she came to all 3 hours of church and is seeing lots of blessings hopefully this week she will decide to finally do it. ummm other than that things have just been frustrating. but its ok. we are getting through it all. haha :D well thats about all i have right now. we are getting along great looking for miracles trying to live life to the fullest and loving and serving everyone. some people are rude to us and throw things at us and call us names that i dont understand the need, but last night elder phillips asked me "if you went up to someone and offered 1000 dollars and they rejected would you feel bad?" and i said ... hmmm probably not. its their decision. i would just feel bad that they arent accepting help.. he said. that is how i feel right now about the people here. just remember that in life it doesnt cost 1 cent to be nice. and that we feel better about ourselves when we are. its their decisions to not accept our friendship but really its their loss right? This is the good life. we are blessed.and we are just living in great times. dont let others get you down out there. have a great week! this is the true church the lord loves us all! we will talk on sunday! ciao!