Monday, July 30, 2012

108 days left

haha ok so i would just like to say that this week has been a lot cooler it has been like 35 degrees the mornings have been the best. butttt towards the end it started to get warmer again. 40 to 42 degrees and yesterday 45 which is 113 degrees. this week is supposed to be hot so between 45 and 50. haha carson and abby. ill go to your family vacations and you can come to sevilla and do missionary work :D  haha. i thought that was funny. andddd i thought the fire alarm was funny as well. haha. 

im glad you all got to get away for a little bit. haha and the funny memories. i dont remember who sent them but they were good ones i like the refreshners haha. they were funny moments.  haha. anyways life is going really well. news of the week is that jamilia came home from romania last week! so mario and marius are getting baptized this sunday right after church. we are really excited for that haha they have been waiting for like 3 months they were supposed to get baptized before i got to sevilla. but with all the family stuff going on.. so needless to say they are really excited and they asked us to do it. so we are working on that. other than that just trying to get people to listen to us. nothing really new there. 

but i was reading in jesus the christ this week i decided to read it this transfer and i am on the last chapter so it has been a great study guide haha elder barney thinks its better than the student manuel that they have .. anyways i was reading this week about the apostles and the way he explained pauls experience and how he didnt hesitate once he knew to be baptized and to fight . one of the lines that called my attention the most was that it didnt matter the errors of saul of tarsus because paul the apostle gave his all. and i remember hearing the talk by pres. uchtdorf about how people are waiting for that experience and i feel like we all have one that is great even if its great in our own eyes. its that change that is going on .. it was a cool way of looking at it. i dont know i thought it was interesting and he is one of my new favorite apostles and his story and how he didnt hesitate in following through once he knew about it. he is just a champion. anyways. that was my week. thanks for the love and support haha miss you all! have a great week!

Monday, July 23, 2012

115 Days left!!!

well this week was really good not too much to complain about. haha. we got a handful of new people. really we are excited about that we will see if they go anywhere but its nice to have some new faces. we set some baptismal dates with a couple of them but we will see how promising they become. but its exciting. im super exhausted. i cant even describe how tired i am. just all over the place i feel like i will be home in november and will literally sleep for a week. haha but its ok. we are moving onward and upward. WE are excited for this week, haha today we are going site seeing. that is always an exciting thing to do ... feel a little bit like anormal person but its ok. ummm. i dont know what real exciting things have happened. we bought a jamon leg. haha we feel really spaniard! haha its so DELICIOUS! too. haha. raw pig leg that has been sitting in salt for the last 2 years. really nothing like it. haha. anddd. on sunday in priesthood the guy that was teaching said that the really obedient people are going to be the prophets kids and the non obedient ones are going to be chinese communist kids ( the obedience came from the pre existence) haha there was an elder translating and he just stopped talking. haha sometimes some of the things that come up in classes in spain are quite questionable. haha it got taken care of though so no stress.
i dont know what you really want to know. or anything i dont feel like there is anything really different. walking in the heat contacting and teaching .. thats about all right now im learning a ton and am still going strong so no need to worry. haha thanks for all you do i love you all!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

122 Days left!!

wow what a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im exhausted im just so tired. dia de diamonte was amazing we got a ton of futures in the mission we almost got 3000 which was our goal. not quite we got about 2146 but it was still so close! oh man. but the thing is we saw the temperature and it was 47 degrees. we were just like noooooo!!!! so we took out our phone and did the conversion so that we could tell you how hot that is... 115 degrees. trying to talk to people haha. my shirt was so wet with sweat it was gross haha but .. such is the mission.

 elder barney is a champion we are just getting along so great just trying to do it the best we can. he ends the same day that i do so we are excited for that. then... lets see we have had we dropped a family that was sad. we dont know if the two kids mom will get back this week or not yet so their baptism is still in process... kind of. thats just a frustrating thing. and then besides that we are just looking and teaching having fun. thats the life haha. anyways

so you met presidente clegg? that is really cool he is a great man! thats great that you went to his talk and everything!! that makes me happy. haha and carson THROWING UP?!?!?!?! i think that i will have a little bit of scared to go into that bmw when i come home i have only thrown up once in my mission and it was becasue of that stupid gespacho... its that season again.. i drank it once and i kept it down... barely hahaha. but anyways so we are working on that. but other than that. just a normal week. 

thanks for all you do!!! you guys are champs!!!! i love you! :D have a great week!

Monday, July 9, 2012

129 Days left!

alright so i wrote down some things to send off to you so that you can keep updated on my week. i dont have a whole lot of time and ill try to get it all in.......

first offf. transfers. im getting a new companion his name is elder barney. im excited he is a good guy i was with him in the madrid mtc and havent seen him since so this will be fun he is a hard worker. im going to mess gibson because he is a champ i dont think there was one day that we didnt laugh our faces off. and thornley is getting his new compy on tomorrow. haha. so yeah. thats whats going on. another transfer another companion but its what it is. i guess. i dont know how i feel about it we will see. thennnn....

the new blog. is its the same as the other one except it says the at the beginning. so yeah just be patient she is an amazing mission mom im excited for them. they are great we met them on wed. so that was fun. they are a great family.


 funny story yesterday we lefft a cita and were going to go do the numbers for the week and call the other missionaries and this guy stops us and  says he wants to quit smoking so we say ok. he was drunk as can be almost fell over a couple of times. i didnt want to be a part of the contact so i kind of just stood to the side. so ... haha yeah sometimes i need to work on stuff. he started going off on weird things and i just didnt know what to say but then we were like ok lets go and we got his number and gave him a card and stuff. the normal. haha well then he grabs elder thornley on the shoulders and is just like asked him for a kiss. hahahahahaha. i was like woah. and thornley was just like no sir. and put his arms out haha. THis man wanted to kiss him!!!! oh my gosh .. so me and elder gibson are just trying not to laugh at this man in his face and elder thornley gives him his hand to shake and to leave and the man kisses his hand 2 times! haha oh my gosh i just started walking away and we go around the corner and fetching just started dying.!!! thornley was on the verge of throwing up and the man was saying BYE GUAPOS like the whole time we were leaving hahahahaha. oh my gosh. it was awesome. so if that doesnt make you feel grateful that you arent in spain in the heat i dont know what will. haha im loving it. so many great people and just weird stuff. anyways have a great week i love you all!

Monday, July 2, 2012

136 days left!

what a week! well with the heat and the eurocup people have been hard to talk to but we got a baptism! funmilaya and felix. they are a couple from nigeria. they are so sweet and were so prepared for the gospel. they have a cute little daughter named precious and a son named tobi. they are so funny. i love them. they are a great family. so yeah . then we changed mission presidents and he seems really cool. we will meet him on the fourht of july at a zone conference we are all pretty excited. he has already gone out with missionaries and met with their investigators and stuff which is really cool. he is younger and has a lot of ganas de ayudar. he is a stud. other than that we are just getting along great here in our trio. elder thornley will be with us til next week cause the transfers end next week and he is training so yeah just one more week then who knows what will happen . . .
 alright so this week i dont know the eurocup was crazy. tons of people just yelling and honking that was fun. we were in piso there was no point in leaving no one wouldve listened haha. so i read the book of mormon and we had a member text us when goals happened and stuff. even though it wasnt needed you could hear the whole world yell and boo and stuff. haha. but they said it was a shame game 4 to 0 in a final is pretty... rough.
so everyone around here is happy. i feel like there was so much to say but right now i just cant think too much. we have quite the week ahead of us. the weather acutally these last couple of days hasnt been too bad. we have been around 30 degrees instead of 40 or 45. i dont know the change i only remember that 40 is about 104 over there. they say that its supposed to raise up again this week to be about 45 to 50 ... its going to be insane. anyways im excited to meet pres. Deere. he is a champ and we are just on top of the world right now. anyways hope all is well have a great week!!! LOVE YOU!! KEEP SMILING! and try not to ruin the cars anymore.. i thought that was my job!:D