Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 36

Here's his email.

Well... its always so hard to write a productive email cause its only 7 in the morning. on a typical day my companion is still getting out of bed and im ready to go to breakfast. sooo i usually just study until he gets up and showers and gets ready. Anyways i always feel like i email and then in the night i get thoughts of what i should have wrote instead.
MY GLASSES!!!!! oh i was so pumped to get them i knew right when i saw the package that it was them!! it was hard this last week to 2 weeks because i was having to use brain power that i already didnt have to focus on what was going on. and that was quite challenging but now that i can see the words clearly it has been extremely helpful especially since im starting to understand a little bit of what i need to know. Im glad you guys play wii for entertainment. sounds very productive. haha but that is really good that you guys all got to relax a little bit. the only time in the day that we get to relax is from 10:15 - 10:30 which is "quiet time" but its not that relaxing cause writing in your journal everything you want to say before the 10:30 lights out time so that you can be obedient. thats ok because that isnt as nearly as stressful as writing letters on p day! haha
WE need more boys in the family, so that would be way sick i guess and also more adeles huh?? i bet that in the future generations it will end up being adele adele rands or bradley or whatever it ends up to be haha Also that is funny about your kids at shool because i remember always doing that same thing haha with the Brad and brad... and ya. I hope you are making carson do her laundry all by herself because being here doing it i actually get ALL my stuff back and want to know something else that is really cool too??? i actually get it ALL back WHEN im done!!! i know its quite amazing how i dont have to wait 3 months for a pair of socks to return haha. Thats rough to hear about grampa. poor guy. tell him i love him!! and of course i will say some prayers for him! its weird that it is '11 already i still write 10 in my journal and stuff ... its quite frustrating. so today is my 5 week mark in the mtc meaning i have 4 more here if it goes as plan b says .. otherwise ill prob be here a little longer and get transfered or .. who really knows whats going to happen. Oh bueno noticas for the day my companion forgot to extend his liscence.... yeah.. so he has to go to the dmv to get it done. lets just ponder what this means. i get to leave for a couple while he has to get this done!!!! haha its oing to be weird seeing the outside world .. the awkward thing is that there is another companion that needs to do the same thing and my companion tried to get a split to go out ... i dont think he likes me very much still.. we have to have a companionship inventory every single day becuase the branch preisdent said we needed to but the thing is i didnt say anything to him in my letter which means it had to be my companion. but when we have our inventory he still doesnt say anything!! i dont know what i did but mom you have helped me a lot growing up. monday our inventory was about negative comments because all he says is neg comments about EVERYTHING and it makes it hard to be here so i was like my mom said to me whenever i got in a tiff with my sisters that its not really necessary to be negative and it makes it harder for everyone ( of course that is the Brad retelling the story at 7:10 am) and he was like ya i guess you are right .. I GUESS YOU ARE RIGHT?!?! hahahaha it was funny but its like everything i say it has to be opposite or make himself better than me. so im learning patience every day. but its hard. Spanish is coming this week we are teaching the first lesson solomente en espanol. we have already tried 2 times. one my companion like broke down and was almost crying and kinda freaked out at us all but i dont know how its my fault when he practices his signature during study time but the 2nd time we taught yesterday went really really well he bore a solid testimony and then complained thats my life all is well here .. im starting to live by hakuna matata when its stuff that happens that i cant control. i am alive and well and i finally get to go to the temple agian after a couple weeks so that will life my spirits up as well. I love you all!!! thanks so much for your support. i cant describe celestial feelings with telestial words but you all mean so much to me! my time is almost up and i hope i send this before it runs out but keep your heads up. Dont forget who you are!!!!
Elder B.

My dad, who is 78, tore his rotator cuff cleaning the snow off his truck. So today he is having surgery to repair that. The doctor tells him that there is a 40% chance because of his age that it will work. We hope he is in the 40% that it is a success.

I am making Carson do her own laundry. I realized when I had to give Brad a crash course in laundry doing that I had forgotten to give away that particular job with Brad and Carson -- so now Carson is getting very good at it.

My niece just had a baby on Jan. 3rd named Lilly Adele. We have quite a few moms, sisters, nieces with Adele as the middle name.

I hope that he will understand that the challenges on a mission are the things that make us grow. It can be a companion sleeping a little extra when we are ready to study or go. Or companions that are difficult to get along with or the negativity that people that can have at times or learning a language. Those challenges are things that you can't change but your attitude or your encouragement is what can change our experience. Hakuna Matata

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  1. Thanks so much for continuing to share this with us, Laurie! I hadn't read this for several days, but I sure felt the Spirit as I just got caught up.

    The experiences that Brad is having right now reminds me of a letter that my mission president wrote to me right before I came home. He said that we would look back and say to ourselves, "My how the Lord must love us to have permitted us to have such hard experiences!"