Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 28


Hola Familia!

Hay es Navidad! Feliz Navidad! I hope that you are all having an AMAZING Christmas. I MISS YOU ALL! Ha So thanks for all the candy. That's about what it consisted of minus the scripture bag, tie, socks and some other little tiny things here and there. IT HAS BEEN A PHENOMENAL CHRISTMAS. It's sweet how all the little things make us so happy here. So the reason I mention I got so much candy is cause you all know me and my cavities......I have enough candy to last me at least..... at least a year of my mission..ha:) I hope your all having a good holiday season. It's weird without everyone...

Oh, P.S. It was mentioned that if I need stuff to mention it. I could use some glasses cleaner cause I've never used any and I need it. Also a glasses rag to wipe off my glasses. Um there was some other stuff... Oh yes, send a memory card for my camera that way when I need to send my one that I have to you I can still take pictures.

Other than that I'M SOLID. Every day feels like Sunday. Always dressing up and what not. It's weird but that's ok. Life goes on. So I've felt bad I haven't been writing better letters. There is nothing here really just class and food and seeing people I know everyone in a little while.

It's pretty much always the same thing. So I'm not exciting. At least not right now. Next Christmas I'll find sweet Spain items to send. Don't forget me. Keep laughing. Love you all.

Elder Bradley

... I guess instead of phone call we get an extra letter this week.

I think the biggest frustration at the MTC is the blending of each day....

I guess being there for almost a month now has made this be the such a great experience but mundane too.

I was reading on the Spain Malaga Mission blog that they are waiting for 14 missionaries to get their visas. I hope that Brad is able to get his in a timely manner. I guess he may be challenged by the visa waiting also.

Well, tomorrow is email day. Yippee.

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