Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6

We got a letter today.

Here is what he says:
Dated: Dec. 2, 2010

Hola familia de Bradley!

As you can see my Spanish is going extremely well....not. We have to try and learn 20 new words a day and once we learn a word we can only use it in Spanish. We keep forgetting. Thanks to you all I am the first in my district to get a package and I'm extremely glad you guys made it home without blowing up. So back to language, we learned how to pray today and its been a struggle but it helps. There are 8 Elders in my district. They are all great. NO ONE is dislikeable (in any way!!!) (THANK GOODNESS) My companion was a couple of hours late. I was a little worried at first but for now He is our District Leader and I'm Senior Companion. So it all equals out. We just met our Branch Pres. He is nice, he is letting us write tonight. But there is TONZ I'm still getting use to it all. We got secret Elders today, they gave our room a Milky Way Bar. Oh and mi companero se llama Elder Hales. He is the brother I've never had (Mom & Dad) No he is way awesome. and we don't have problems so far waking up or anything. Anyways its not much but thanks for everything! You are all awesome. The church is true!

Elder Bradley

Love you All!!!

Okay, so my few thoughts were that an expensive package of chips and salsa was a winner.

He must really be an elder because he used awesome more than once.

He sounds happy and well.

I wonder if his companion is related to my friends the Hales family formerly of Vestal, NY. Could be!! I'll have to investigate that one.

It was a good spot in a crazy day and sooooo I ambitiously started to put up my tree. Finally!!!!

It is still a weird feeling that he is across town and we are waiting, waiting, waiting for a letter.

Yes Portia, he used his stationary. Side story: Portia asked him if he wanted her to get some stationary for him and he couldn't figure out why she was asking him if she should buy a "stationary" bike. Times they are a changing.

Happy day at our house. We love you all!

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  1. Brad...
    I always wanted a sister, but you know i now have 2 (thanks to my brothers getting married). You will have brothers (4 of them).
    I thought you had this Spanish thing down? We love you and so proud of all your accomplishments. Keep up the good work.