Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12

As I was having my quiet Sunday morning today, I was listening to Christmas music and thinking about my boy. It is probably the first day that I have missed Brad. He loves the holiday and apparently he is the one in the last few years that has helped me decorate because the two girls still here have NO interest in helping me.

He was the one that would keep everyone awake on Christmas eve and wake everyone up on Christmas morning. It seems that he is the catalyst that brought excitement into our home. We are really boring. Carson was saying the other day how she misses seeing Courtney and Jake -- Brad's really good friends. I miss them, too. Of course isn't that what life is about... we move on and make new friends. Brad has already started that. He is making friends for this life and beyond.

I think about the holiday... we doorbell ditched someone last night and I think we did it because of Brad. I often have good intentions that never come to pass but this year I was prompted and I did it. I hope it impacts their life as much as it impacted ours. We helped a priest in our ward and I hope he is excited about it.

I've decided to slow down a little and appreciate what Brad is doing and that he is learning more about his Saviour this holiday and that he will be blessed as we have been. Merry Christmas to all our friends.

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