Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 90

The weeks are crazy.. i feel like sometimes im just a psychiatrist for families.. we had a lot of problems this week with families not getting along. Dont worry after one of the really bad situations i wrote in my journal .. MOM THANK YOU FOR TEACHING US TO GET ALONG haha i never knew how some families say that if they could start over they wouldnt have chosen family. but when i see them and they tell us what the problems are ... it reminds me of our family .. it all started with people having their papers and work stuff around.. the apartements are small butttt its kind of like dads stuff he just needs room you know? haha yeah well one negative thing leads to another. thats something i learned about the plan of salvation in my studies. satan was born of goodly parents (god and heavenly mother) and made one decision. and that made way to another and kept going and going until he got kicked out and now look where he is you know? but its just crazy how people dont know us dont know anything about us and they tell us ALL of their problems. haha i think its funny cause deep down there are times where i say ok on a bad note im here for 6 months then i dont have to worry about it anymore but we are here to help them and you see them with different eyes as you try to be more christ like. its weird how school is almost over.. time is flying 3 MONTHS!!! that is weird but its getting into the groove of it. i sent a letter home with the one thing that i am missing now that i am in spain is music. we had elders who just left us who had good efy music and stuff so it wasnt just hymns so it was nice to have semi regular music that was still appropriate .. which brings it up the letter. it was kind of a joke between my companion and me but i dont have room for cd ... soooooo if you love me enough.. send me an ipod??!!! hahahaha you dont have to but its just funny how it started off between elder west and myself and now its kind of like man he has 1 cd and we are already sick of the songs (plus they are english that doesnt help us with spanish in anyway) haha anyways .. iffffffffff you are able i would LOVE it and would appreciate it MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO cause it helps with the studying (bringing the spirit and stuff) anyways the weeks are going by the days are going by .. oh as far as the ffod that you asked about last week.. in this ward we have an eating cita almost everyday during medio dia so i dont eat dinner (its not the culture) and i have a bowl of cereal for breakfast so im doing well on food plus the mission gives us money every month for food and travel (travel is reimbursable) so yeah dont worry about me .. just let me know if there are spanish things you want me to be looking for to send home and ill use my personal card to by that stuff ok?? so just let me know what the girls are wanting and what you and dad want and ill send that stuff home other than that keep an eye on my personal account i wont be using it for anything other than stuff for you guys (you can even use my money from there for the ipod) LOVE YOU TONS AND TONS!!!!!!!

Hmmmm do I love him enough? That is the Brad we know and love shining through in letters. And of course we had a huge discussion about music before he left and he didn't want to take any. And who knew that Elders become family counselors on their missions. We had a big discussion at our house about whether or not he had enough money for food and I said that I was sure that they were given some stipend of money each month from the money that we send each month so he was answering that question. Well, I think he is starting to get the groove of missionary work. Lucky for him.

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