Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 67

well as of 915 in the morning spain madrid time i have been here ... this mtc is SO much better haha we got here and all the other missionaries were in the park doing cantacting and stuff soo that was pretty sweet to hear about .. everything is in spanish here which is really weird and there are some natives that speak spanish and very little english so its fun to talk fast in english because they dont know what we are saying and that makes it seem fun because its like complete opposite we dont know what they say when they speak fast haha .. anyways .. they only use military time here... its about 7 right now just after it... anddd yeah the flight was good.. it was long but it was good its still weird that i am all the way over here. its really weird but its pretty here ha the temple is WAY pretty and i get to go next tuesday i believe . uhh i changed all my cash for euroes... that was quite theexperience. Sorry i didnt get a hold of everyone. when i called there are 27 missionaries in the ccm over here and a bunch leave next week .. i leave at 630 in the morning on thursday .. our time .. haha and my alarm on my watch went off at 230 this afternoon during testimony meeting and i dont have carson here to tell me how to change my time so that i can use it haha but we will see. i dont really know what to say more besides that its a lot easier to just listen to what everyone is saying and try to catch the words than to speak back... haha plus im super super super tired cause planes suck to sleep on and it has been a long day.
other than that we are here safe in madrid its really really pretty .. the cars are really nice there are a lot of old buildings and tons of graffiti EVERYWHERE.. hah and they let us leave a lot as long as it isnt during our class time to go on the metro and stuff which i havent done yet but would be pretty cool... anyways love you lots and lots i dont know when i will be able to email again because i dont have a p day in the mtc here.


Well we wondered if he made it or not. Rich and I watched flight tracker all day to see his flight until 1 am. Seriously in the evening it was weird to see his plane in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean but part of that is probably from not being world traveler's ourselves. He sounds really great and excited for his 5 days in Madrid. I think it will just fly by and before we know it he will be in Malaga or LaMancha or wherever they send him for his first area.

Wow, it is really happening and no longer is he just across town. Wow!

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