Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 71-2

i have checked my email waiting for a lovely letter but no.. its ok though .. no necesito. esta bien. i only leave to be a real missionary tomorrow.. i dont know that i will have time for letters anymore either... what a sad day today is and im trying to share it with you and its not happening. i have to do it all alone. what. a. bummer. ummm mtc here is ... bein. i am pretty sure the cocinas hand make everything cause it tasts seven trillion times better than in provo. so dont worry about sending candy im getting well fed. you are teaching right now.. i wonder how thats going.. well it could go one of two ways .. either the kids are angels today and doing everything you are asking (not likely) orrr you are playing wicked witch of the west and they till arent doing their work .. hahaha chista mama. well i have some sweet pictures of my spain adventures but i cant send home the memory card because i havent recieved any yet. im probably going to go to bed soon which is weird to think about becuase you arent even done working and ill be FAST ASLEEP cause im so tired this whole mtc thing is really getting to me. i feel like i have aged like 3 years maybe thats why missionaries come home and seem so mature haha because the MTC TAKES 80 YEARS TO COMPLETE!!! im spending my last moments as an almost real missionary and im here on a computer that only speaks spanish. and a keyboard that i didnt know where the delete button was or the i dont even know .. its all in weird symbols. so be grateful that you dont have to go hrough that . oh i got my hair cut today by some spanish lady .. 8 euros.. im gonna die .. it was thecheapest place i dont know what the equivalent is in america. but yeah we went to buy sodas to drink.. uhh and the lady showed me the thing and it said .8 .. yeah i didnt know that was like 80 cents i was confused i couldnt even pay her with out getting help haha i felt dumb uhhh funny moments though for sure. i spent the afternoons with the nativos and i can only speak spanish to them ... its hard... ok well i dont really know what to say .. ave fun teaching!! i leave tomorrow i dont know which day is my p day anymore... quizas monday or tuesday. Hasta!

Okay so I am such a slacker because I read his email right before I went to work and today of all days by student teacher was ill so I worked all day and did not email him but in my defense he did say that he didn't know if he was going to get a chance to email because he didn't get a p-day until he goes to his actual mission. So apparently he is suffering from letter withdrawal after leaving the conveince of Dear or just Provo postage in general.

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