Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 83

I definitely think my math is crazy but I sit here on a day off and I get up early because there is an email from Brad. So here it is:

mi dirreccion para mi piso es
calle tejares #2 1c
malaga malaga 29011

uhh yeah so i will come back saying that my direction is the address and stuff like that haha they kind of talk funny here but its alright. im trying to get along with it. it was a rough week but you can tell grandma that i taught my first black guy. he was like 6 foot 5 inches tall and built like a muscle man . he is muslum but isnt going back and is inviting us in so we can teach him .. we had our first ever appointment with him last night the first time we met him and he kinda bible bashed us. we werent arguing but he wasnt listening either. he only had scriptures from the bible but we dont think he has ever read the bible so he threw the scriptures out of context and he only wanted answers from us out of the bible and wouldnt let us touch the book of mormon.. too bad i wasnt really raised on the bible. i didnt know anything plus we were speaking english and our scriptures we had were in spanish so i didnt know where nything was anyawsy. lets just say i have a ton of work to do hahahahaha .. anyways i havent gotten your package yet.. its werid how the system works on when we get stuff we usually get it on zone conference or whenver the zone leaders go to the mission home which i dont know how often that is. so i got your letter last week but send stuff to my piso ill get it faster but ill let you know when i get transferred so you dont send more here cause i dont know when ill get it if i even will. anyways you guys are awesome i miss you all tons and tons. but ive only been gone for 3 months (it went by fast) haha so we will see how things are going. oh and we talked to that girl yesterday.. we dont know whats going to happen the member we are working with had to meet the parents first or something because they are very strict on when the daughter can leave. soo yeah . but other than that .. i cant really think of what happened this week. one of the days NOTHING WENT RIGHT at all and it was the longest day of my life and yada yada the only thing that went right is we needed to go shopping and i bought everything i needed to finish the week under five euros. i love you all.. keep chugging keep your heads up and keep praying and reading the scriptures.. oh and also dont do drugs because i have seen some people here who.. i can just know that i will never do drugs. the ghettos around here are scary and the people are too but i guess thats just how it goes. i miss you guys and im trying tell portia and kelsey hi for me!! havea good day!!

Of course I worry. Ghettos, Graffiti, Drug addicts. I knew that he would face all of that but I continue to worry but I think his advice is good. I will continue to pray and read scriptures and not do drugs.

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  1. Thank you for posting and sharing these. I get a kick out of them. Yes, it is good advice. I love your post comments too Laurie. Jens and Christian will hopefully (fingers crossed) be out in a couple months. No word yet as to where. I will also pledge to read scriptures, continue to pray and I won't do drugs either. :) Tell everybody hi for us! Wendi