Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 76

oh my gosh this whole missionthing... i dont really know how im going toget through it.. its freaking really hard but i love it.. my first five minutes here pretty much right after i met my companion there was a girl and i asked if she was a member and she said no and i asked her to get baptized.. we are going to teach her on friday haha my companion is funny he has been out for like 12 months almost and he is kinda scared to talk to people and i do crazy stuff to talk to people cause they just stare at us and call names at us so i say we are lost and stuff and they help us and after i explain that we are missionaries and if we can jsut share a quick message and when we do it that way they always say yes haha its pretty sweet i love it. he is just funny i dont know how to explain it .. i already know i am going to have interesting companions but he knows spanish and i dont.. the members are funny they just make fun of me cause i dont know what im saying but thats ok we will get it down someday i cant understand the spaniards cause the have the lisps on soft c and and z letters but s they say normally but they also cut off words another interesting fact is that in every area they speak a different accent .. some dont say d´s and stuff like that so its really really really hard but we taught a member family last night from argentina and i understood like everything andactually got to participate.. i feel safe cause guns are illegal here but my companion said about missionaries getting robbed i guess people can have knifes .. there is graffiti everywhere you go anddddd lets see i kind of feel like im walking in ghettos left and right its scary they dont have driers so we hang dry everything and they dont have ovens. we have to buy gas to heat up our water to take warm showers and i have my first ever bus pass that is the way we travel minus walking.. haha im so out of shape and there are hills everywhere. we dont knock doors we toca them.. like we push the button and they answer and we say we are missionaries and if they wanna let us in they open the gate.. kinda like new york style in the city. haha peaople just stare at us but try to make it look discreet its really funny and everyone always say tenga prisa which means im in a hurry.. no matter how slow they are walking its funny. i love it here its completely different than anything that i am used to but its life i suppose haha oh and traffic.. everyone has cars that are tiny and they just stop in the middle of the road and park and thats allowed here so itsscary also the roads are su`per super small sooo i dunno its different but soon utah will be so foregn and this will be so normal. im trying to think of what else oh buying food for the week ... i dont know how much is enough the milk lasts forever it lasts til like may and we dont have roomin the fridge for it so it just sits on top of the fridge so i have warm milk with my cereal .. brand name is way too expensive so i buy the other stuff it tasts kind of like no bake cookies haha and then they have their big meal at lunch time and practically dont eat anything at night. so that is weird we have medio dia which means no appointments from 2 til 430 unless its a eating appointment and we get up at 7 and go to bed at 11. its really reallyreally hard to get up`in the morning here and yeah. i dunno we had a baptizm on saturday and we have on this saturday we just baptized a guy from ghana so that was pretty cool and then we have another date for march 19 i think with this other guy and then if that one girl that i asked lets us teach her on friday then we will have on then too so we will see how it goes. anyways thats life here and its pretty crazy .. its hard to understand anything and i just stare at people haha so thats pretty much what is going on
as far as letters go. if you send it to the mission home i will get it everytime it just depends on when i get it cause they bring it to us on zone conferences and stuff unless we go get it but we never have time to get it. i have the adress to my piso (apartement) but if you send me something and i get transferred from this area before i get it the chances of me getting it are slim so... yeah i dunno. anyways i cant think of a whole lot more to say right now im always tired spiritually physically mentally emotionally.. 8 hours is like not enough time for sleep.. plus im still changing from the time. i need to write president clegg now so this is all i have time to send .. i love you all keep in touch i hope you guys are sleeping well right now. this mission thing is super fun cause there are some crazy people and crazy places here ill try to get a picture thing so i can just send pictures or something we will figure that out anther time when i am more used to everything. but yeah. everything is spanish and i can say a lot more in spanish than i have in the past. but its still comeing really slow. some people we teach speak english and i think those have been my best lessons. but i really got to get off now i love you all keep sending me some love!!!!!!!!!!! sorry it wasnt aspersonal to each of you this week!


Well, I hope that you enjoy this installment. He seems to be experiencing mission life. A baptism and he had been there 2 days. Holy cow. I can remember feeling free and easy in Los Angeles and now I don't think I would even drive in some of those areas that I spent days and months in. There is certainly something to be said for the mantle of protection that happens on a mission. Maybe I can get him to ride the bus in Provo now. Necessity changes things for all of us doesn't it. Wahoo! he is really a missionary now.

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