Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 97

Dear mother of mine that i love super duper much
haha this last week sucked. my comp weas sick a lot of the time so i had to do a lot more of the teaching which was frustrating cause i still get super lost in the charlas (discussions) but he lost his voice and that sucked plus on thursday we ate with a member and got food poisening so that didnt help cause on friday we couldnt leave piso and saturday was rough its still kinda bad now more for my comp than for me. but im fine .. ill live its just diarrea and puke hahahaha .. i know you wanted to know super bad. there are never days in the mission where i could say TGIF haha maybe TGIM (thank goodness its monday) haha p days are pretty chill its nice to get the emails and know how everythign went this last week ha but yeah its ok i hope vegas is nice. yeah the hospital is like right down the road and the gym (dino gym) i dont know how specific it is on the map but we live right about dino gym so yeah. if it shows you that then you see my piso .. .. but yeah thats cool that you google mapped it haha yeah ... that about all that i have to say i have a baptism this sunday ill take pictures and i forgot my camera this week but ill send more pictures in email next week so dont stress they will come .. and THANKS for sending the right sim cards haha i was jsut bumberd that you didnt take pictures with them first haha. ok as far as sending the package.. send it to my apartment. cause when it is sent to the mission home it takes a couple months to get cause we have to go pick it up or wait for a zone conference til they bring it to us.. so send it to my piso it will be better that way. other than that nothing really to talk about just trying to keep up with the life around here. its weird that in about 4 weeks i wont be a greenie any more and its weird to think that its already p day again haha. but things are going good with elder west he is a funny kid.. he worries about everything like last night we were late to go to a contacting activity with the hermanas and the bus was like half an hour late and he was freaking out and said he felt super bad.. but its like how are we supposed to have it be our fault when the bus came late and he was saying how its still our responsablity and stuff.. which i know is true but we cant control everything so i jsut laugh at him.. but he gets mad when i ask him why he is so mad when its not perfect.. he hates being late .. if we arent 15 minutes early we are pretty much late and he freaks out i love it. haha i just tell him to calm down .. its a work in progress. :) anyways im excellent i love you tons!!!! talk to you next week!

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