Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 64

k well as of 4 this morning i am the lone ranger.. last one in my district until friday.. thats when i am leaving.
ummmmmm ill be calling between 230 and 430 ish ... i dont really know how the scheduling stuff works but thatll be close enough. ummmm so the last two nights were full of crappy sleep haha but yeah and packing and unpacking becuase i didnt know when i was getting out of here ha anyways abby was way fun to talk to haa tell her hi and tell everyone hi for me!!! uhhh its super cold and we had to drop elder phillips off today at the travel office .. we all set our alarms for 3 in the morning and we all slept through them and they had to intercom him over the speaker this morning and i was the only one that heard and they called us at 4 in the morning haha so we ran out to drop him off and it was freezing and my card that lets me into the building got broken ,.. so it wouldnt let us into the building we were just chilling and i was like dang why cant a security gaurd check our doors at 4 in the morning!! ( they usually do it at 11 at night) and right as i said that they walked by to check our building haha funny stuff ... anyways yeah so i have had like 3 p days this week and i get to go to the temple tonight butttt when i go to spain i have to go to the mtc there for a week and i heard its a 85% chance that i get to go to the temple there.... so im pumped .. anyways that is pretty much all the news from here ... love you all!!!

I am so excited for him. I hope that the adrenalin will keep him going until Friday and that the snow will have subsided in the East. I think it will be a little lonely flying alone. I am glad that he gets to go to the Spain MTC because we thought he wasn't going to go there at all. It will be really great if he gets to go to the Madrid Temple. How fun would that be. Well, he is certainly moving on to an exciting and interesting part of the process. Yippee!!

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