Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 71

I love Wednesdays. I didn't think that I was going to hear from Brad but we did. His MTC president in Madrid sent us a short email that said he was doing good and this picture.

Doesn't he look good. Then surprise of surprises -- I also got an email from him.


haha well not for you its about noon here. and yeah just saying hi. which means its about 4 in the am over there. how did your interview go? thats gonna be sweet we got to go to the madrid temple yesterday and today and i did it in spanish .. it was different but i understood it and it was so cool.. it is way pretty i am pretty sure its my favorite temple. anyways . everything is good here we get to leave a lot we went into the city yesterday to do some visa paper stuff with the lawyer that as an experience we got to go on the metro and that was my first time it was definitly different. ummmmm. im trying to remember .. im still adjusting to the time and we have to get up at 4 tomorrow which means you will pretty much just be finishing dinner when i have to get up to go to malaga. we get to go on the bullet train down there and then im sure we will just be getting orientaitin and then head out and do our missionary stuff .. so expect to see me on the blog next week. we have to speak in spanish to the natives here cause they dont know very much english so its funny becuase we talk fast and they dont know what we are saying and they talk fast and we dont knwo what they are saying but we ende up saying the exact same thing hahaha . umm lets see .. the keyboards here suck cause its all in spanish so the buttons change and it has the spanish word on the mand its abbreviated sooo thats why my emails are going to start not making sense. also when everythign is in spanish we have to force ourselves to start speaking it more which is super fun but super hard uhh i had my first contact what was it .. yesterday? yes she stopped us and we dont know what we are saying and i could barely pick apart what she was saying cause they have the lisp thing and they chop their words so like como esta would be co sta kind of a thing but i invited her to church haha i dont even remember her name and im a bad missionary because i didnt have pass a long cards or book of mormon and i didnt write donw her informatoin .. but i have a contact haha the ccm presidente dice que that its ok because everytime its a positive experience with thiese people they will remember us more.. anwyays go back to sleep ... enjoy your day tell everyone i love them!

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