Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 520

hey yall so first off all. Elder phillips mom hasnt gotten back to him but im guessing we are going to keep it on the normal time and do it at 5 o clock spain time and i think that will be around 9 o clock your time. haha so we can just do that and keep it the norm .. its weird because its going to be the last time we talk until i get home. its going by so fast. so tomorrow is tuesday its my 17 month mark and i have 6 months left . the last leg of the race to speak. haha lots of work to do and a crazy ride weve been on. i still cant believe what has happened to me the changes and the blessings and miracles that have happened to me and us the last 17 months of my life. its weird to think we are already here this far and all the stuff that is to still come and happen. Well this week was good we had a good training with the president and his wife and we have a lot of work and are looking for more still haha. its weird how that works but its the life. we are having fun and making goals and working towards those life is good. i feel like our investigators arent really going anywhere but we are in that . we are looking we are contacting and knocking but there is this agency factor that just gets in the way and its frustrating but we are learning. haha we are helping our mission is having so many miracles right now its amazing we are excited. well this one is short but life is good. we will let you know soon about the time . ill let you know by next monday for sure. so keep it open as much as possible haha love you all!! keep smiling!

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