Sunday, April 22, 2012

day 513

This week was a good week. transfers are always crazy haha because i have to do everything it feels like because my comp doesnt know anything or anyone. which is fine we did a lot of teaching which is fun. i guess. haha. we are just doing the stuff that we need to be doing. trying to get people to come unto christ and helping others do the best that they can in this life. i have seen so much on my mission and i feel so sad. that people choose to live the lives they live and not accept anything better. but its what they choose all we can do is offer it. there have been tons of miracles. dad asked if the girl on the blog was the girl i was asking about last week. it was. and yes that was us sewing as well haha. lets just say its a good thing that people dont stare at the hemming jobs and that they stand in a tank of water haha it wasnt our best job it was more of a lets get this thing done and on the road haha it was really a powerful experience though.

Well this week should be a good one we are just trying to get people to do stuff. but no one wants to so we feel kind of .... i dont know frustrated. ive been trying to figure out what it means to live up to your potential. i feel like people have said that to me a lot but... then its like i never thought much of it just trying to do my best, but seeing people here i just look at people and its like ... you have a good life but you could have a better life just give up smoking. haha AHHHH sometimes i hate agency but when people dont do things that we ask after they say that they will do it it kind of makes me think of like me... when the lord asks me to do stuff and i say ok and then i dont do it. just a lot of learning experiences. life is really good. i cant complain really its easy we get a lot of stuff done for us and we just focus on helping other people we are trying to find ways of getting over being rejected so much. english is getting hard to type and stuff. i speak so much spanglish and spanish haha it just is weird. we have the americans in our ward and i cant translate for them cause i forget words in english haha. its just funny. anyways ... may is coming up. mothers day is coming up. aka skype day is coming up. we will get details as that comes up closer but just start getting ready cause as you all know it will be the last time we talk and you hear my voice and i hear your voice until i get home. just keep that in mind . love you all have a great week!

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