Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 492

SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... im super tired. haha i feel like i always am and even when nothing is going on i feel like there is always tiredness around me. This week was a rough week it felt like we did a lot but we just got failed a ton and a ton. it kind of felt like a week where we did missionary things not necesarily missionary work. Which is hard to seperate the differnce but i dont know. anyways. Conference was amazing i had a great time listening to the Apostles and Prophets. I had Tons of questions and it seemed like they all got answered in the first session hahaha so we wrote more and have recieved tons of inspiration. we are learning a lot about the atonement . we had a sweet experience last night after conference, one of our investigators Linda iwas there with us at the sunday morning session (which really was at 6in the afternoon) and we gave her a paper to write stuff down she ended up writing down 4 full pages of inspiration and things she liked, right after she said she had way too much to work on to get baptized, she has been hiding a couple doubts from us and we have been trying to get them out, fasting and praying, so we just didnt leave her alone until she told us. 10 at night on sunday on a park bench the truth came out and now we can really help her progress, she has been struggling with some stuff for many years, we were able to get her to understand how important prayer is in her life and how through christ all things are forgiven, it was a really spiritual experience and super powerful to see that mighty change of heart that is talked aobut in mosiah, we were walking home and talking about the day as a normal activity and i told Elder Geest that the thing we just witnessed and were a part of will probably be more powerful and more gratifying and special than any baptismal ceremony that we would be a part of for the rest of our mission. So many people get caught up in the baptisms, that, in all reality. isnt something that we can control or promise will happen with anyone. i think that people need to be more focused on the repentance adn the willingness of using the atonement of christ in our lives and in the lives of others. Elder Geest told me that one of his questions that didnt get answered in the Conference was about the Atonement, there were many talks about it and there will be many more but i feel like its one of the things that you can hear all day but until you experience it or see the works in the life of another person it doesnt have that lasting impression. Like President Monson has said in the opening of the conference if there is anything that needs to be changed in your life change it. if there is anything that you need to do, Do it. there is nothing more important than the Gospel and the atonement is the center of that gospel. Have a great week. i hope a big egg laying rabbit comes around to greet everyone and give some chocolate haha i will be trying to not get yelled at or have rocks thrown at me or anything while semana santa goes on.. it started yesterday so news to come on that. Have a great week love you all!

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