Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 527

well mothers day in spain was yesterday so happy mothers day to all you mothers out there!!! lets see next week is mothers day for the american continents sooooo we will chatt it up! we just talked to the guy here at the locutorio and he doesnt open on sunday til 6 in the afternoon so we will be here and ready then but knowing spain it might be a little crazy so between 6 and630which for you guys will be 10 or 1030 so just be ready at 10 and we will get from there. :D good? good! lets see. this week was good there are a lot of people we are teaching that have said that the book of mormon is true and that joseph smith could be a profet. well they say that and then we ask them to be baptized and they just dont want to be mormon. haha. sometimes i dont understand the reasoning of some people. honestly. but whatever. its their choice i feel good because at least its not on my head anymore i did my part. we are dropping lots of people we dropped over half of our investigetor pool this last week and have more to do this week. sooooo... that just means hittin the streets more .. again. like the last 18 months. haha. oh well the lord knows. funn story. carson is struggling with the whole grocery shopping business right now. well elder phillips and myself figured out a solution to our problems. we got with a member who has a big van and she took us to a store that you buy in bulk the stuff andd it came down to us spending 200 euros on food. but no need to stress we are good for at least the next 3 months haha. our fridge has never looked better neither our freezer... and on top of that neither our cupboards haha. plus we have been getting food from members so we are just feeling like a utah mission right now hahaha. cool story angela... she is colombian. she is going to get baptized. we just dont know when. when she feels like giving up smoking we went by last night... she just called me .. haha. and we are going by tonight. but last night we were there and she brought up baptism by herself and said she wants to do it but doesnt want a fecha. the lord has been talking to her through scriptures last week she just opened up and started reading and she read ALMA 6.. look it up. it was kind of like woah! we were excited and since then there has been a lot of progress she came to all 3 hours of church and is seeing lots of blessings hopefully this week she will decide to finally do it. ummm other than that things have just been frustrating. but its ok. we are getting through it all. haha :D well thats about all i have right now. we are getting along great looking for miracles trying to live life to the fullest and loving and serving everyone. some people are rude to us and throw things at us and call us names that i dont understand the need, but last night elder phillips asked me "if you went up to someone and offered 1000 dollars and they rejected would you feel bad?" and i said ... hmmm probably not. its their decision. i would just feel bad that they arent accepting help.. he said. that is how i feel right now about the people here. just remember that in life it doesnt cost 1 cent to be nice. and that we feel better about ourselves when we are. its their decisions to not accept our friendship but really its their loss right? This is the good life. we are blessed.and we are just living in great times. dont let others get you down out there. have a great week! this is the true church the lord loves us all! we will talk on sunday! ciao!

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