Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 506

ok. soooo last week i didnt have much to say but this week. i hope i can get it all in! that said. holy cow! first of all. lessons are being learned over here on my part and from what i hear over there as well thats good, things are going really welll. lets just start off here. Transfers are happening wednesday we got called. i havea curse now of only being with someone for one transfer haha. its a joke though Elder Geest is leaving Alcalá he was a great comopanion and we got a lot done. The Elder that is coming is Elder Phillips, now if you go all the way back to the mtc. he was one of the kids that was in my room then. he was in my district and stuff so we are really really really really excited to be together. he is a great missionary and really fun so news to come with that.
alright so lets get to the miracle. yesterday we had this lady come to church we have been working with her since i have gotten here. she contacted the missionaries and there is a lot of .... trials with that. mainly she is just scared out of her mind that after baptism she will go start sinning again so we had a meeting with her last week and she said on sunday she would give us date to get baptized. The other elders in our district had a baptism last night and we took her too it so that she could feel the spirit and stuff, we have taken her to like three other ones as well. so at church this lady sat by her who is really bold and was like why dont you get baptized tonight?? i mean we can go fill up the font right now. haha and she was just like noo... thats weird. Well we went home and we were kind of talking about it we were worried that we would lose her so we called the other elders and were talking with them and they were like yeah go for it . suprise baptism! that would be the best! haha so we got elder geests clothes. Thanks to having a loving mother and sisters i hemmed them by hand for him (they look great) haha and we got all of the stuff ready then we started talking about faith and in moroni 7:33 and christ says if you have faith in me ye shall have faith to do whatsoever thing that is convinient to me ( bad translation im sure i only know it in spanish) and so we talked about our faith and we got down on our knees and said lord this is possible this is your call we are ready for whatever. we got on the bus and asked her if she wanted to get baptized and we said why not tonight? and she said ok. so we got there and had the interview she was really scared and nervous and the other lady that was getting baptized was like why do you want to get baptized? and our investigator told her and she was like perfect i cant think of any other reason and just so you know im more nervous now than i was for my wedding. so we got her baptized last night and it was a really really cool experience and we were so happy and the spirit was so strong and she is amazing and she will get confirmed on sunday and it was a really cool testimony on faith and how when we do all we can (even if it causes us to poke our fingers multiple time with needles cause we dont have a machine to hemm pants) that the Lord is willing to do the rest and touch the hearts of the people. there are many more miracles coming our way and we are getting in to a lot of doors and with a lot of people. Thanks for all you are doing i love you all keep smiling and keep being happy and enjoy the blessings thats who we are! love you!

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