Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 499

hey so this week was good we met weird people we are just trying to do what we always do. life is good we are having a district p day. we are going to go to the nike factory today and look around and then go bowling haha we are excited haha. Semana Santa was better last year than this year cause we were in a city and now im just in a pueble but its still pretty crazy haha they just worship idols and get drunk and then say they beleive in God and everything so we say let us share a message about him and they say no. its been frustrating but life is good we are happy i guess. we are going to have a day full of contacting this friday its turning into a real big project im kind of really excited to just have a whole day of just contacting. i think too many people get caught up in teaching and working with people that arent progressing and wasting time. but we are excited. life is good. friday will be a big day. this last week not much has happened we found a guy that has a ton of potential we are actually really excited for him. i dont have much to say this week. be happy be healthy and we will talk next week! love you all! haha keep remembering who you are and what you stand for (for mom)

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