Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 426

first off its weird that abby is babyistting hahaha and second even more that she sends kids to their room haha i remember the kind of fits that she threw when the bedroom was even mentioned hahaha ... thats funny though good story.
Elder Mendoza is from Ecuador but has lived in madrid the last 10 years. He is older than me which goes to say .. since dec 1 of 2010 when i started this adventure i have been the younger in age companion of all of my companions that i have been with in the mission. my goal is that the next ones stay older than me in age still haha so i have hope i think its funny but it works. anyways just a fun fact.
he doesnt say much his spanish is phenomenal haha we have tried to enjoy our time together every moment so far. last night we dicided to play Risk haha i beat him in 30 minutes PLUS i had my guys on every single country and continent haha it was funny. we have a lot of high hopes for the coming weeks and all but you never know. next week i have to go to malaga for a concilio de los lideres de distrito que tengan de vez en cuando. creo que es cada 3 meses pero es mi primero y tengo la oportunidad para ir a mi primer lugar otra vez!!! haha im kind of excited for that just a little bit i know i wont see anyone but thats ok. ive almost been out here a year in the mission field thats crazy to think about. ... im getting distracted. mendoza he is a tall kid for ecuador. most of the people dont believe him when they ask haha but he is funny and he is really positive about everything . we just leave and look to have a great time enjoying ourselves in everything that we do. ummm. lets see life is good. im happy. we dont have much going on right now here in cartagena so it feels like the craziest thing is that we had transfers. right now we are still just trying to get someone to teach but we have a lot of hope with some people this week thats coming. anyways we will talk to you all the next week and i hope that you ahve the best weeks ever! haha love you!

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