Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 405

So the confirmation passed by with out many problems! haha we got it done so we are good no need to stress more right now just as long as he keeps coming ha so life is good. for now we are happy but it just goes back to the eternal perspective of the week. knocking doors and street contacts. haha we are starting t o get sick of them BUT since the baptism members have been setting up more family nights with non members so hopefully something sparks out of this stuff. haha. we are praying. haha but transfers are coming up. pretty soon. haha the 25th so we are cutting down our time together with anderson. it started off rough i think but we have grown so much together that its incredible. ive honesly learned that really the only way to get through anything no matter the differences that there are is through talking it out. haha and then just forgetting it. once its taken care of just dont go back to it. haha we are just gettng along really well right now . but we are so different haha its so crazy . he is totally the nerd kid and im totally not . i guess you could say but we figured it out . we have conquered cartagena I and we are still conquering it. things are opening up and we are just making the time cruise by like none other like right now it doesnt feel like its p day haha but it still feels like it was so long ago that i wrote you guys haha. the parties are finally over. for this month next month they have another one and then semana santa haha i hope im not here in cartagena for that butttt. its ok because we will see, its just so hard and stuff in semana santa and then after that as far as the parties go its somewhat free sailing. life is good. we are happy. we are chugging still trying to get some solid investigators but it is what it is they will come as we go. anyways life is good. haha i just dont feel like i have a whole lot to say this week. i hope that everyone feels better, that the sickness gets over with soon. ive had the sniffles too but today im in short sleeve pros shirt haha so its starting to get warmer again haha suckas!!!! enjoy the cold im sure right when i get off the plane in salt lake ill just be so sick for like the first month beecause it will be so cold haha. anyways i hope this week is good! talk to you all later!!!!

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