Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 412

this week was a hard week. it was a lot of learning about patience and long suffering haha enduring to the end i guess. this week was just a long long week. we got failed so many times be people and it was just like one thing hard after another walking around everywhere haha hoping that we could get in somewhere but i guess the Lord has had other plans. i dont know. buttttt even though it was a really hard week it ended pretty well, we went to church and one of the speakers got up and was talking about how there is a silversmith person and he is purifying the silver and he needs to heat it up too much so that the bad stuff gets out of it. well he is asked the question when he knows when it is done too well and he was saying that when he can see his reflection its perfect and wont get ruined when he takes it out and just applying it to our lives how when we go through trials and have our problems and its not fun being purified even though its going to make us look like a beautiful ¨silver¨ plate or whatever we are just getting the things out of us that we need to be taken out to make us better people and how the lord knows us so well that when we go through our trials he just knows exactly when to take us out so that his image and his countenance is upon us and we look and act and are more christlike. it was kind of a really cool way of looking at it. so i guess we go through trials to help us become more like christ.
there is a quote the president clegg just gave us and i have kind of thought about it as far as my mission so far and how we are always setting goals and trying to be more perfect and become more like christ and what not, . . . im not what i wanna be, but a thank God im not what i used to be. i mean they have always said that the mission is for us because of all the things we are doing and learning and stuff and the change that happens and how hard it is and everything and stuff haha i guess its true and we have to have the hard weeks to have the good weeks and appreciate them more and everything like that so even though this was a rough week time is still just going by so fast! haha its incredible i was reading my journal the other day from a year ago and stuff haha its jsut funny im such a funny man i was just laughing so many good memories and so many good things that i have done here and just my mission already means a lot to me im excited for these last 10 months just to hit it off and end it right. i hope you ahve a great week this week!! love you all!

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