Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 419

so i guess ill just start with the news. Anderson is leaving Cartagena... he is going to Granada. thats cool. i am getting a new companion.. obviously. his name is Elder Mendoza .. i dont really know where he is from President said that he is from chile or argentina or ecuador or something haha he didnt really know when he called which is fine the only thing that he really told me is that he doesnt speak english. that will be fun i wonder what missionaries have taught him already he doesnt have that much time in the mission but hopefully my spanish will get better haha. i have a lot of improving to do still. its nicer when you are forced into it its just so much easier with americans to just speak english its more sane haha.
this last week has been a good week just a lot of the normal stuff. but we have a plan for when mendoza gets here called operacion fenix. haha i wrote that in spanish. operation pheonix. i guess its still pretty similar but we are just going to go crazy haha now dont think that im going insame mentally out here im jsut excited to have fun. we are going to enjoy ourselves the next 6 to 12 weeks together haha. ummmm
lets see something crazy that happened this last week. we got offered wine more than normal. that was funny. kind of haha . we got along pretty well as a companionship.... thats good. and transfers thats about it really. things have been going alright its just hard to keep contacting and having that fire and animo when your comp just complains haha so with mendoza we will just change that right off. time is going by really well haha anyways i dont have much else to say we will have detes on the homie next week!! love you all!

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