Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 398

Abby figured out in church that Brad has approximately 333 days left. I'm not sure about her math but it is on the down slope. Sister Colling talked in her testimony on Sunday about how the whole ward is blessed from having a missionary in the field. We know that we have been blessed by the the year plus service that Brad has down. Happy New Year to all!


Feliz fiestas. haha while all of you start getting back into a routine we still have more parties here in spain. we still have los reyes. or the kings which come by this friday. crazy crazy. anyways lets move on . manuel got baptized. but not confirmed. there were some problems and he wasnt able to make it but he didnt let us know and we had no idea what was going on until he texted us this morning saying he had to drive to barcelona yesterday. which made for quite a stressful day to say the least. but he still wants to finish the process so we just need to wait until the end of this week to finish it up. but as you know we got 325 baptisms for this last year. manuel was that last one!! haha so that was kind of cool to get the ap´s and president were calling us after to make sure it happened haha and now we have a big big goal for this coming year. we will see how it goes. everyone is pretty excited.

New years was awesome and its so funny every one just says feliz año or happy year haha. not happy new years just happy year. and they eat a grape with every chime of the big bell in madrid. we just watch a ball drop in new york but either way its pretty fun and everyone goes crazy. haha so the big 2012 its kind of weird. there is a lot to get done this next couple of months and then hey check it out ill get home right before the world ends .. haha we have talked about this a lot in our companionship and we see so many signs saying how are you going to end? and then they try to sell all of their stuff. its pretty funny. but we will see what happens i guess. i saw that japon had another earthquake. thats pretty crazy. i wonder if they will start listening to the gospel more over there or how much more of a beating they will take until that happens. hopefully it doesnt get to the point they just have to get destroyed. my comp asked me yesterday, after we saw that. how much will it take to get spaniards to start believing in God again? well i dont know ... lately president clegg has been making a big deal about having our own food storage so i guess we will see .. preparedness ha. its a beauty if you are. but he told us that its just to caution us and not to get too carried away with anything. but this week was pretty good we are happy and things are going onward and upward.

the stake president talked on sunday about how we are writing our books by our actions and how the angels are recording everything that we do. and how we will be judged out of these books and so on. he ended his talk by saying something that i think is a good theme for this year. . he said. write the best pages of your lives this year. so just remember the lord knows what he is doing and he sees everything. life is going really good. it feels good to have 2011 over and all the accomplishments that happened. we are excited here. the time is just flying by its so insane! but dont forget we are writing our books make it count! love you all have a great week!

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