Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 436

this week has been the coldest week of my life. i hate humidity mixed with super hot and super cold. i dont know why the world cant just find a happy medium. but we are doing better than other places. we heard that in russia or something it was like minus 30 degrees C. and that inside this houses with the chimineys and stuff it was 0 degrees C ... id ont know farenheit anymore but that is really cold haha and i am glad that we are only at 3 outside and its a lot warmer inside i dont really know what though. this week is supposed to get warmer but its sitll cold like 7 degrees or something.
Elder mendoza and i are doing great we got a lot of future investigators with 6 or 7 that told us when we could specifically come back and meet with them ... come to the meeting and like always so far here in cartagena. no show. not even 1. frustrating but it is what it is. we are trying. ha. we are having fun with the knocking and talking with people and there are a lot of weird people that we are coming in contact with but what better way to enjoy ourselves. haha. im trying to think of what cool happened this last week. i bought a harmonica and now know like 4 songs .. all hymns of course but its cool haha its a lot harder than i thought it would be but it helps pass some of the time. also for carson and abster the piano ladies. i started learning the piano out here. i know like 2 hymns now haha YEAH!!! its kind of fun i played in church once for the sacrament meeting. that was kind of stressfull but it worked i didnt mess up too bad. at least no one noticed. then yesterday we were at an eating cita and they had a viola. it was kind of hard at first to get back in the grove after almost 2 years of not touching one. butttttt i did pretty good at the end. they liked it. too bad they were already members other wise i think we could have had more investigators. ummm. tomorrow i leave early for the other side of the world. im going to malaga for a conference .. dont worry ill try and steal hermana cleggs camera and take as many pictures as i can for the blog next week. we will see how it goes buttt i will be on a bus from 8 am til 4 pm tomorrow to have the metting and on wed return .. its going to be a long 2 days but im kind of excited to get out and take a breather from this place i think its something that is needed in all parts of the life. yesterday we had a stake conference with all of spain and portugal. it was pretty cool we had pres. Uchtdorf elder Christofferson elder Zwick and Sister Dalton speak to us. they had a lot of good experiences to share and i learned a lot . a lot of what they ahve been talkin about in church and stuff lately has been tithing and to stay aways from bad things .. its amazing how the world influences so many people i dont think i could have fully known if i wasnt here on a mission. but anyways life is good there arent any complaints we are just trying to do our best and get someone to teach. just know that you are all in my prayers morning and night and that im doing good. have a great week this week! ! ! ! love you all!!

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