Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 391

Well, I can't seem to download the picture correctly to see the one with his face but you can play --- which Elder is Brad. We had a great time Skyping with him. We had a few technical difficulties but we were able to finally get it going to have a conversation. We could see and hear him, he could see us and not hear us so we called on the phone and we kind of circumvented the problem. We had a great conversation and he was able to see Ryker who was 6 months old when he left and Cache who was not even born. Of course, he saw Abby -- who has changed the most of his siblings. It was just fun to see his face and hear his voice. How thankful we were that the church let their missionaries use the technology of today and we could see our sweet, sweet boy.

merry christmas! i hope that it was just what you expected! haha i was hoping that the presents wouldve been opened at midnight spain time.. we opened them it was great haha i loved it. Sacrament meeting was really good a typical christmas party BUT... we had all 3 wards combined so that was interesting haha they like remixed the christmas songs but it was really really good. our investigator manuel really loved it and the stake president talked about coming and seeing. when the apostles asked him where he was going and stuff he just said come and see. So manuel loved that. he turned to me and was like i want him to baptize me so i turned to him and said after we will ask. so we went up to him and asked if he would be willing to baptize him and he said he´d love to but the problem is that he is going to the temple this week with the jovenes haha to have their temple activity and wont be back in time so he said he would do the confirmation. which was good enough .. then we went to the elders quorum leader and he asked him to do it and he accepted so we are good. ALL good. we just have to get the program together and we have to get through the interview . which wont be a problem he is super prepared. lets see . other than that it was really fun talking with you all. it was kind of weird looking at you because all of you have changed so much. every one is getting so big and stuff i just cant believe it haha. ummm i cant think right now still haha. after we got done talking we went to the other elders piso and just kind of talked the rest of the night. my comp got little rc remote control cars so we raced those around it was pretty fun .. the things you do when you are bored. so today we are just going to kick it the herms wanted to play soccer .. doubt that we will really play cause the other elders are in pros clothes but we wanted to make smores today. thatll happen haha im pretty excited.
so thanks for everything this christmas has been fun we are excited for this week and dont really have much else going on. i hope your new years is going to be fun as well next year we will do some spanish traditions ok? deal. ANyways thanks for everything it was really good to see you all and meet those of you who i still dont know ... aka the nephews haha miss you!

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