Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 339 Happy Halloween

First off, we got a letter from his companion's family this week. They live in the Canary Islands and in the letter they talked about the pictures and videos that they have seen of Brad. We continue to get nothing. So I had to rub that in a little. He asked for memories this week and apparently we all have the same ones. But the Timmy the tooth one is hilarious. We had a video when the kids were little and it was about this tooth that was animated. Anyways, the kids loved it. It was one of those videos that got played over and over and over. Well, I happened to have a pair of white sweats and so Brad puts them on and pulls them up over his shoulders and sings the song. So that is that memory. The Arthur memory is a funny childhood one also. Whenever we heard this made up song that went "I love Arthur, I love Arthur" We knew that Brad was in the bathroom and he would be there for a while.

first of all mom. i cant do jack diddly with my camera right now just take pictures and stuff. haha but its ok. its easier to send picturse and videos with a memory card when your family lives not on the other side of the world haha ....... just sayin. anyways ive been trying to work on it but when you dont have the luxuries of the places to print off pictures its hard because i wouldnt get any emails sent if i sent pictures through email its too hard. ok moving on.

SANTIAGO GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was a really special experience and super powerful and pretty much everyone that had doubts about it after was like i want this and so now there are people that are more open to the gospel. haha its funny how things like that work but some people (members) are still having their doubrts which is frustrating i mean its liek you ahve seen all of these miracles in your life why are you trying to hide it?!?! or you were such a good missionary back in your day you brag about it so much why dont you help us?? but its jsut the trials of the work.

on sunday we had an area 70 come to a branch conference and he was talking about the promsie of a stake with this district and how the members just need to get into shape. haha it was funny. but it was good and super spiritual. we loved it and had a blast!

and if that isnt enough news to take in im leaving ValdepeƱas. i leave on wednesday at 1145 and i wont get to my new area til thursday morning. haha lots of travelling. so you might be thinking why is he trav elling all day where could he be going? well im going to a ward in Cartagena its on the beach and im pretty excited im just really scared and nervous because i have been called as the district leader. :/ but i know that through my example and the examples i have and wit hthe lord it will be possible. we are exctied for it all an d people have already started crying for me to leave the members and investigators but its part of the process just accept all the invitations on facebook haha.

as for that thats about all the news that we have right now we are pretty excited over here its about time for a little bit of change life is going really well we conquered challenges in valdepenas and got the rama to a beytter place than it was. Just keep being who you guys are and .. p,.s. i like the creativity in the stories hahaha they were ALL about the timmy the tooth arthur an d the window with kenny hahahhaha super funny yes but hahaha thank you. anyways we are going to play som soccer and then have district meeting and then its pretty much packing and peacing out of this joint. the church is true and im almost outta here!!!!!!

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