Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 346-- New ADDRESS!

Just an FYI _- The Mission Home has asked that we send packages to their home address. The mail system has been holding packages that are sent to the mission home address and making them pay to get them. SO if you are so inclined, please send them to this new address.
Mom i thought i said this last week but it must have not gotten past this thought. Yes i got my package from sister dixon while i was in valdepenas ... please tell her thank you for the letters and for the updates on life and for the peanut butter! haha also let her know that i will send a letter when i can sit down and write one back .. thanks!

dad. no we cant go back to any other area that we have been in just for a baptism. it sucks but we cant do it. and yeah mom we dont believe in partying in our mission so we go strait from area to area haha .. naw we just go cause its so much cheaper to go from place to place instead of all the way back to the mission home.

Cartagena ... is Beautiful!!!! i love it! there is a lot of work to be done and it has rained a ton and i havent eaten anything but spaghetti since ive been here.... we didnt have anything in piso except for pasta so that was breakfast and dinner and the members feed us here and every single member has made us spaghetti. i didnt know i could get so sick of it so fast. haha oh man . the youth are amazing i was asking why they dont come out with us... on sunday i talked with all of them every single day they are going to have a youth come out on splits with us so it should help us with out work.

my address.
Elder B-Rad
Plaza tenor mario cruz 4, 5A
30320 Cartagena (murcia)

so send me whatever you want and ill be able to get it. anyways im happy the area is great the ward is great and we are just going about doing the work . there is no where else to go from where we are but up. im super tired its been none stop running around since ive been here but thats what i get it helps the time go by really fast haha
its insane i dont have much to say life is good everyone is happy and we are just going to enjoy our day. i love you all!!!!

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