Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 311

We completed successfully 10 months in the mission.
Conference was super spiritual and i loved it all i learned the most in the sunday morning session and i just felt the testimonies of all of the speakers and how firm and bold they were in all that they did. how powerful! we aredoing really well here this week our focus will be on finding people ... that means lots of contacts.... but i am really excited for it. things are moving in the right direction. im super tired. but life is really good. this is always the fastest hour of the week. which is probably annoying because i want it to be the slowest cause it feels like i jsut have so much to say! we learned this week that Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. that was a pretty profound thing. also that its kind of fun to do the impossible. just to everyone who thinks you cant do it. just going out and proving them wrong. The members are gaining a testimony of missionary work here and its not easy but if they get this testimony the work will seriously just explode here in valdepeƱas. Im excited for all the temples!!! and i love that they are going to put a temple right there in provo again.

there is only one place that success comes before work and it is in the dictionary... in conference there were a lot of talks about how we need to do our part. keep the commandments, service, prayer and repentenance. something that President clegg says to us alot is if there is something that you need to change. just fix it. its SO MUCH EASIER TO DO IT NOW! ummm. Triana and i are excited for this week. it probably will be a long week but we are already half way through this transfer which means about 3 weeks more and i feel like im leaving but of course we dont know that yet. anyways. you are all in my prayers you are all doing wonder ful things and im so grateful for everyone! keep smiling and keep working!

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