Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 325

Santiago is still going strong he is doing really well there are just some challenges like always when there is a baptism. No need to worry!!!!!! but we dont have water in all of ValdapeƱas haha i dont want it to sound like a joke but i think its kind of funny no one can shower but i have never seen so many people getting water ourt of the fountains in front of the cathedral of the catholic church here. might be some of the few times they actually go to church. But if it gets to the extent that we need to get water to wash up ill take some pictures. i think its funny as well cause my mentality is CAMPING!!! haha and Elder triana has only gone like 2 days on a real camping adventure. i just think of all the stuff i did. with the youth and stuff some of my favorite times was when we didnt have very much haha it just brings the creativity out. haha but no need to worry if it gets really bad we have the church and stuff we can get taken care of i dont even know what happened i think a water line broke or something.. when we get into details with people i cant understand the terminoligy and triana cant translate it into english haha. its been quite a fun adventure with all of that with him.

Anyways im trying to think, we played soccer with the jovenes on saturday. its a rare activity around here because people live so far away but they think of the typical missionary and dont think of a good soccer player. haha well we showed them up we owned them and they were really impressed and it was really a lot of fun, anyways
like i said life is really good im living things up and doing things i never really imagined i would be doing at my age. its pretty cool.

side note. Elder triana´s step dad is from england and he wants to write you guys so i gave him our address so you should be expecting something this week. love you all and keep on being who you are!

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