Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 318

i just want to say that nothing can stop us but ourselves. kind of like what dad was saying in his email that the people make the decisions harder than they need to be. president clegg was telling us in our bullitin this week that God doesnt use magic to save us just our obedience to his commandments. how true that is. how true that is. ok ok ok . so lets talk about this week. We had a greatweek we focused on finding we hit the streets a lot. we had an amazing week pepole listened alittle bit. not quite as much to the actual lessons but we got a lot of call backs. so that was fun to see. from the people that emailed me everyone sounds happy which is really good. haha im so glad time is just cruising right now we basically have no time to even write in our journals. but dont stress i still havent missed a day! ballin! ok so im trying to put off the miracle story that happened this week. so ill start just because i can. ummmmm. i came to valdepe├▒as in may. you dont see elders stay in an area longer than 6months which means come nov 2 im 90% sure im out of here. i havent seen a baptism here at all. in fact the elder i was with when i got here hadnt either. its just a really hard area. well i wasnt expecting one. yesterday there is this kid that we have been teaching who at an activity that we FINALLY were able to get done and planned and carried out this kid name santiago who we have been focusing on the last 3 months came up to us and said im still teaching you on thursday right? (we are trying new things our investigators teach us hahahaha) we said yes and he said ok i have a suprise for you. haha we were just thinking he was going to show us how to make some more colombian food or something we didntthink to much of it. but 10 minutes later hermana clegg (not the presidents wife) came and called me and elder triana we went to one of the classrooms and started talking and she turned to santi and asked ... well what do you think? and he said i want to get baptized on the 28th of october. WHAT?!?! haha it was SO CRAZY! and then he went and told all of the members of the branch. haha it was SO INSANE. we were all basically crying. so many fasts and so many prayers are being answered. haha. and the happiness it brings to bring someone to christ is like nothing i have ever felt in my life. we also had another kid 21 years old who accepted a date as well but he is still super not sure with it. we will see how that one goes but both are possible i know for sure santi but alberto can do it. haha anyways i dont think i have ever worked this hard in my life. haha im doing things that i never imagined i would do in my life. but when you learn to have the desire to do something and the faith increases its amazing what you can do. you guys are all amazing and i miss you lots and lots but we are almost at the hump. and im livin my last month as a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha elder triana is laughing at me because im just so young. he is my favorite. but we are going to make some delicious food (dont worry when i come home ill cook for a month the food is amazing!)
the church is true im doing great so stop worryin. send some love. i miss it haha and remember who you are! :D love you!!!!

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