Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 332

haha ok so just so that you know. we have water again. but now the water heater isnt working or something. we dont know but all i know is that the showers are like the coldest i have ever had in my life!!!! haha but we are showering so everyone who was worried about our hygiene ... no need to stress haha. We.. have a baptism this friday!!!! Santiago asked me to do it and he asked Tripi to do the confirmation. so we are pretty excited ValdepeƱas FINALLY has stuff comin their way we also have 2 more that will be coming up after in november so thats really nice. ummm. im trying to think of whats been going on, that i am able to say haha they say not to be negative in emails and stuff so there obviously isnt things that i can say about how some people dont understand how to support when people want to get baptized haha. its jsut one of those things but no need to stress its happening and the only person that will stop it on earth is santi in his interview tomorrow but we arent worried. ummm life is going good. we are happy its the last week of the transfer so next email will be news about if there are changes or not. we are expecting changes, so just in case if you have stuff to send to me send it to the mission office so i can still get it.

Everyone sounds healthy and happy from what i hear which is really good, im glad everyone is enjoying the vacations and the times together tell everyone i say hi and that i miss them and then i will be back sooner than later hahaha. its amazing how time is flying by right now. it doesnt feel like it should be practically november already. and just thinking back on the last year since this process started its just craziness. haha ok well its rainging and its cold here. which means jackets and stuff to cover up the white shirts and ties which means the contacts are going to become better, that people wont avoid us intentionally as much anymore because we wont be as recognized. its more of the "cameflouge season" where we mix in a little more with our surroundings.

ok so this is what we are going to do everyone send me an email for next week about your favorite memory with me. just to mix things up haha alright love you all keep it up with all the good work and keep smiling!

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