Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 304

Wow, Brad passes his 10 month mark this week. We are so excited for him. He is doing such great work.


Alright i saw the pictures everyone seems healthy and happy! Feliz cumplea隳s abster! i hope the day is amazing! haha im sick right now i didnt sleep very good at all last night haha so its been kind of frustrating this morning to do anything. I sent a present for abbs on friday. so it should come this week. expect it. ummm. im trying to think. People have been asking about the investigators ... they are being dumb and not doing the commitments we are leaving and not coming to church and just frustrations. so this week our goal is just to find new people. haha we are pretty much dropping everyone. and ... i dont understand whats wrong with marriage. so many people that we are finding that are ready arent married. and the process for latinos to get married in spain is kind of a long process.. so its frustrating. haha anyways. other than that we are happy ... working on being healthy. just running around. i kind of feel like its the end of a soccer season haha with all the work and school and soccer its just too much for the body with so little rest. haha i mean 8 hours is enough to get through the day barely. but i mean you all know me. its just i need sleep. haha there might be a p day activity called 究iesta系oday. we will see. haha ummm. but yeah we are just running around we average about 15 lessons a week here. we had 35 lessons planned this last week we got 22 so we got failed a lot. which is always frustrating. but we are working on it. Im glad you were able to go to the farewell that jake had. i miss that kid!!!!!!! but the mission is so rewarding. im learning so much out here its so amazing all that im learning! anyways. life is chugging im guessing that im leaving valdep鎙s on the 2nd of november. so about a month left here. but tons has happened its amazing. haha anyways enjoy conference. and remember with revelation if you ask specific questions you get specific answers. this should be a special time of year!!!! enjoy it!

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